Rukasu Budo Dojo

Disciplining Mixed Martial Arts

A martial arts school that focuses purely on training the mind and soul through the martial arts discipline is a rare sight among many schools in the city which train for tournaments, and self-defense fighting. Returning to the Buddhist teachings, Rukasu Budo Dojo in Flushing, Queens, focuses on understanding the roots of their practiced art and each of its moves.

The Rukasu Budo Dojo takes pride in providing its disciples a well-rounded martial arts education without getting caught up in the competitive mind set. Lessons in Buddhism, Bushido, Japanese language and culture, and respectful manners are all part of daily life at this Dojo. Head of the school, Charles Lucas-Sensei grew up learning many forms of martial arts from his father who had been stationed in Okinawa during the Vietnam War. He employs aspects from the multiple schools he has trained in; such as Gyokko-ryu (Jewel Tiger School) and Togakure-ryu Ninjitsu (School of the Hidden Door). While Gyokko-ryu is steeped heavily in Buddhist traditions and knowing yourself, Togakure-ryu Ninjitsu focuses on understanding your opponent. By combining these schools and others, Lucas-Sensei has created a unique experience at his Dojo, where disciples can form a comprehensive understanding of Martial Arts and life for themselves.

The added lessons in Japanese language and Buddhist philosophy allow disciples to step back in time to understand the roots of the martial art traditions and why they were created. To move well in Martial Arts you must understand your own body, but to truly master the martial arts moves themselves, you must first understand the background and motivation behind the origin of the moves.

The combination of such different schools is a rare find in dojos around the world. Lucas-Sensei warns, “The complexity of melding schools together and mastering yourself takes a lot of time and patience. It is something that needs to become your way of life, and not just something you practice a few times a week.” For this reason, he has primarily taught teens and up throughout his career.

25-38 Parson Blvd., (bet. 25th Dr. & Willets Point Blvd.), Flushing, NY 11354
TEL: 917-975-0925 |

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