Beef Shabu Shabu

[Ingredients] (Serves 2-3)
– 1/2 lb thinly sliced beef (cut for shabu shabu)
– 1/4 whole nappa cabbage
– 1 bunch scallions
– 4-6 shiitake mushrooms
– 3-5 slices carrot, cut into flower shape
– 7 cups water
– 6 inch long dried kombu kelp (optional)

(For dipping sauce)
– Kikkoman Ponzu
– Kikkoman Roasted Sesame Sauce
– Grated ginger to taste
– Finely chopped scallion to taste
– Grated daikon radish to taste

1. Soak the kombu kelp in a pot filled with cold water for about 30 minutes.
2. Cut nappa cabbage into bite size pieces.
3. Slice scallions diagonally.
4. Prepare the dipping sauces by adding grated ginger, chopped scallions and grated daikon to ponzu, and chopped scallions and ginger to sesame sauce.
5. Bring the pot of water to a gentle simmer and take out the kombu kelp.
6. Add beef and let it swim in the simmering water for a few seconds. Do not overcook.
7. Dip the cooked beef into either ponzu mixture or sesame sauce mixture and eat immediately.
8. After cooking a few beef slices, add vegetables to the pot and enjoy when they are cooked.

POINT: When beef and vegetables are all gone, you can add either cooked rice or noodles to the broth and enjoy.

Kikkoman Ponzu
This citrus seasoned soy sauce and dressing has been popular in Japan for years. It can be used right from the bottle as a dipping sauce or as an ingredient in a variety of delicious recipes. Whisked together with a small amount of oil, it becomes a flavorful dressing.

Kikkoman Roasted Sesame Sauce & Dressing
It’s a delicious dipping sauce with a nutty sesame flavor and creamy texture. It’s great for shabu shabu, hot pot as well as tofu, beef and pork dishes. It can also be enjoyed as a tasty dressing for salads, cooked vegetables and noodles.

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