GO! GO! CURRY!’s Original Tonkatsu Sauce to Your Home

Rich, flavorful and bold Japanese curry from GO! GO! CURRY! has amused New Yorkers since its introduction to the city 10 years ago. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, GO! GO! CURRY! USA started selling their original tonkatsu sauce this November, which had prior to that only been served in their restaurants. With a condensed and complex flavor, GO! GO! CURRY! Tonkatsu Sauce is drizzled over freshly cooked cutlets atop curry and rice to add a refreshing kick to the curry dish. “Tonkatsu sauce is generally used for drizzling over cutlets, but it is a very versatile seasoning. I recommend you to use it not only for rich flavors like deep-fried, sautéed or grilled dishes, but also refreshing ones like salad. It can also be good as marinade,” says Ms. Tomoko Omori, President of GO! GO! CURRY! USA. Made from a variety of vegetables and fruits, it is vegetarian with neither artificial flavors nor artificial preservatives. One bottle contains 15 ounces, and its retail price is $5.50. The sauce is sold at all seven locations of GO! GO! CURRY!.

Info:  www.gogocurryusa-ny.com

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