New Sake Based Yuzu and Momo Liquors from Umenoyado

Centuries-old sake Brewery, Umenoyado, is bringing a very new fruit liquor to the U.S. market this upcoming party season. Haikara, named after an adjective meaning “fashionably Western” and “with an exotic twist”, reflects an innovative spirit and traditional technique. It is produced by a team of Tojis at Umenoyado which has been brewing sake in the traditional manner for five generations.

Haikara, which comes in two flavors of yuzu citrus and momo (white peach), is made by blending Umenoyado’s junmai ginjo sake and carefully selected fruits. The “roughly mashed” fruits and juice are added to the sake and tested for balance and flavor. The result is a fruit sake with a higher alcohol content and a clean, crisp, bright flavor. Made with quality yuzu from Shikoku and Kyushu, Haikara Yuzu has a bright nose and a refreshing, tart flavor. Haikara Momo is made with white peaches grown with extra care in Wakayama and Yamanashi, and its flavor provides a delicate and elegant sweetness that beautifully complements the sake. Captured in an original custom bottle, whose clear textured glass allows you to see the beautiful fruit colors through it, Haikara can be enjoyed on the rocks and is also great with food or in a cocktail.

Haikara brings together Asian fruit juices with traditional Japanese sake: a beautiful intersection, just as the name Haikara suggests. Produced in small batches with local ingredients, it will delight your senses.

Umenoyado USA

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