Express Haircut for the Cost of Lunch

A clean, well-groomed look is a necessity for business people today. But at the same time, the harder you work, the more difficult it is to find time for a haircut. Now that problem is solved thanks to QB House, an express haircut service salon from Japan. It offers a simplified hair service: a haircut in 10-20 minutes for $20 (plus tip). There is no shampooing, treatment, hair drying, coloring nor perm, but this is one of the strategies that makes their service faster. “We provide our service by focusing on only what customers aren’t able to do themselves, which is cutting their own hair,” explains Mr. Ryoji Furuya, President of QB House USA, Inc. They also train their hair stylists to be more efficient. “Our stylists cut 3-4 times more customers’ hair than those in regular hair salons, so they have much more experience in cutting hair,” says Mr. Junya Kono, chief instructor at QB House. Another of their unique and signature services is their special vacuum that can suck up excess hair left on customers’ heads, necks, faces and clothes, while most other hair salons just blow the hair away. Fast, cheap, and clean, you can freshen yourself up at QB House during your lunch break (and still have time to grab lunch afterward)!

With its first location in Japan in 1995, the unique business model of QB House attracted busy Japanese business people and quickly spread nationwide. Today it has 550 locations in Japan and 110 in other Asian countries.

The hose attached to the dressing table is actually a suction appliance that can clean up excess hair left on your head and body.

The signal with three lights outside QB House indicates how long you will need to wait before being served.

QB House 151 E. 43rd St., (bet. Lexington & 3rd Aves.), New York, NY 10017
Walk-ins only |

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