Kēki Brings Modern Cakes to Chinatown

Cake connoisseurs don’t need to journey to Tokyo, Taipei or Seoul to experience the trend of authentic Asian freshly-baked cakes.  In March 2017, Kēki (Japanese meaning “cake”), a compact bakery using only locally-sourced, natural ingredients introduced its modern cakes to Chinatown.

Inspired by both traditional Japanese and Taiwanese desserts that are typically lighter in sugar and texture, the eponymous bakery uses only four simple, organic ingredients including flour, milk, egg, and sugar, while maintaining a light and fluffy cake consistency. The Bouncy Cheesecake is perhaps the most popular menu item. Its delicately moist and airy-light as it melts in your mouth, and the cheese flavor and sweetness are elegantly reserved. Other creations include the rich and soft Green Tea Taiwanese Sponge Cake, and the Japanese Castella, an eggy, bread custard-like concoction, both offered only in full-sized, and paired with optional creme. If opting for smaller, grab a slice of the Castella Cremewich, an airy creamy cake featuring a thick layer of buttery-soft creme, suitable for breakfast or teatime.  The bakery is planning to introduce its own tea sommelier.

The aroma of freshly-baked desserts emanates within the walls of the intimate bakery, as patrons can witness a performance of sorts — pan shokunin (bakers) mixing, baking, slicing, and cooling nearly 500 scrumptious cakes per day. Patrons looking to swap out the standard coffee shop atmosphere, for a simple, and efficient grab-and-go establishment can turn to Kēki’s delightfully modern and simple ambiance and menu.

All baking is done on premises. Dairy products are sourced from Oasis Family Farms, a chemical and pollutant-free farm.

Sample Kēki’s sweet offerings before deciding which one you are going to get.

Delicate and elegant Bouncy Cheesecake pairs well with tea or coffee.

77-79 Mott St., New York, NY 10013 | TEL: 646-863-2094

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