“Healthy” Return of Eight Turn Crepe

Made of rice powder, Eight Turn’s crepes are thin and delicate yet have enough chewiness to hold an abundance of stuffing and toppings. Whether sweet or savory, they will make your palate, stomach and wallet happy.

Japanese creperie, Eight Turn Crepe returned to New York City with a more consolidated concept and more health-oriented menu items. Originally making its home on Spring Street in SoHo in 2013, Eight Turn Crepe was in the vanguard of creperies that offer truly Japanese-style crepes. However, last October they had to close the business due to soaring neighborhood real estate costs, and they have since moved to Brooklyn. Their new home is the just-launched food hall, DeKalb Market Hall in Downtown Brooklyn.

A Japanese-style crepe refers to a crepe with multiple stuffings folded into a cone shape for easy carrying. They are known to have more varieties of stuffing and toppings than the French style.  All of Eight Turn Crepe’s crepes, both sweet and savory, are made from rice powder—yes, they are gluten free—and carefully selected quality ingredients. They try hard to source natural ingredients as much as possible to serve ultimately healthy and tasty crepes. Their signature, the Harajuku Fruit Cocktail crepe, features plentiful fruit (strawberry, mango, banana, raspberry and blueberry) along with fluffy cream. If you are concerned about nutritional balance, try the Tofu Edamame crepe, which is low-calorie and full of protein and vitamins.

Until July 15, 2017, those who mention Chopsticks NY will receive 30% off all items. Don’t miss a chance to savor these crepes at their new home.

Eight Turn Crepe www.eightturncrepe.com
DeKalb Market Hall 445 Albee Square W., Brooklyn, NY 11201 | www.dekalbmarkethall.com

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