Edges of Rainbow: Portraits of Japan’s LGBTQ Community

Edges of Rainbow
Published by The New Press
Also available as an e-book

Japan is homogenous in terms of ethnicity, and its society has a tendency to alienate something/someone different. If a person is not in the society’s comfort zone, he/she might leave the country or go underground to survive. Due to this cultural background, the LGBTQ community in Japan has remained hidden for centuries. However, things have been changing these past decades and a growing number of Japanese people now believe that the LGBTQ community should be an integral part of society. Acclaimed photographer, Michel Delsol and journalist, Haruku Shinozaki reveals this trend to the world by documenting a fascinating group of individuals in a beautiful book, Edges of Rainbow. Through over 150 color and black and white photographs and accompanying text, we are introduced to a gay Episcopal priest, a trans woman pop idol and civil activist, and an intersex author, among other inspiring and motivated people who are all living their lives openly and truthfully.

Ai Haruna, trans woman/pop idol/civil activist, is surrounded by fans in Harajuku.
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