Fun and Innovative Beauty Products from Japan

The color of COUPY-DESIGN LIP STICK by DECORA GIRL changes according to your lip’s moisture level (left). COUPY-DESIGN GEL LINER is a waterproof eyeliner that allows you to draw sharp lines and create gradation (right).

As we hear the footsteps of spring, we feel a need to change our makeup and skincare regimen. Perfect timing for the turn of the seasons, PMAI, importer and distributor of Japanese beauty products, is releasing new products, all hailed in Japan already.

Eye liners, mascaras, and lip sticks from COUPY-DESIGN COSMETICS by DECORA GIRL series is unique in the way in which they were developed with SAKURA, paint color manufacturer in Japan. Because of the collaboration with an expert of colors, the COUPY-DESIGN products exhibit beautiful colors on your skin and are easy to apply, making your makeup time more fun.

Also from DECORA GIRL brand, Fresh Kneaded Soap is a facial foaming soap  that can produce whipped cream like foam, which helps it to remove dirt and oil from the deep layer of your skin. The brand’s Whitening Peeling Gel can absorb and remove keratin from your pores just by applying and gently massaging.

SCALP D BEAUTE’s Pure Free Eyelash and Pure Free Eyebrow are essences specially developed for eyelashes and eyebrows by SCALP D, the leading scalp and hair care product brand particularly known for its hair grow shampoo. All these products are currently available in Mitsuwa Marketplace and New Kam Man.

Fresh Kneaded Soap (left) and Whitening Peeling Gel (right) help remove dirt, oil and keratin stuck deep in the pores and refresh your skin.
Get healthy eyelashes and eyebrows with SCALP D BEAUTE’s Pure Free Eyelash (left) and Pure Free Eyebrow (right).


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