The Ultimate Destination Hotel: Unwind, Experience Japanese Culture, and Get Inspired

The Tokyo Olympic Games are just two years away. Tokyo is now rapidly developing its infrastructure, more than ever, to welcome foreign visitors for the big upcoming event. The capital of Japan once hosted the Olympics in 1964, but all of the facilities, accommodations and transportation need to be updated. However, the one thing that has remained the same for over 50 years is “Omotenashi,” or Japanese hospitality. One hotel  that exemplifies this very well is Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, which has been standing tall for nearly half a century.

Serving Global Communities
Keio Plaza Hotel was the first high-rise hotel in Japan when it opened its doors in 1971. Conveniently located in the Shinjuku area of metropolitan Tokyo, this luxury hotel has served numerous global communities. For nearly 50 years it has hosted guests from about 100 countries. It is absolutely one of the most experienced hotels in terms of accommodating international visitors.

With 1438 guest rooms,15 restaurants and 7 bars as well as 38 banquet rooms and 3 wedding chapels, this luxury hotel can offer more than what is expected from a modern high-quality hotel. Keio’s guest rooms meet a diversity of preferences with their many types, such as Japanese suites with tatami mats, Luxury Fourth rooms with four beds and Hello Kitty conceptual rooms. There is a wide variety of cuisine offered in the hotel’s restaurants, including 6 Japanese restaurants serving sushi, shabu shabu, sukiyaki hot pots and multi-course Kaiseki. The sake bar, Amanogawa was actually Japan’s first sake specialty bar. Each restaurant serves outstanding dishes and treats you with omotenashi, guaranteeing a special dining experience.

Experience Japanese Culture in the Heart of Tokyo
What sets Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo apart is that it offers extensive and fun opportunities to experience the rich heritage of Japanese culture within and around the hotel. The following are some examples of what visitors can do while staying at the hotel.

(Japanese kimono wearing)
Guests can choose to be photographed wearing traditional Japanese wedding kimono. There are several unique locations around the hotel for photo shoots, including the hotel’s Japanese wedding chapel and its Imperial Suite room. Also Keio offers additional experiences to guests, such as spending a day wearing yukata (the casual version of kimono).

(Tea ceremony)
Guests at the hotel and visitors can experience Japanese tea ceremony in the hotel’s authentic tea ceremony room, Sho-fu-an. Take refuge from the bustle of downtown Tokyo in its tranquil atmosphere, and enjoy matcha green tea and wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets).

(Koto harp and Ikebana flower arrangement)
Koto harp recitals occasionally take place in the third floor lobby. Guests are also able to see displays of Ikebana flower arrangements during certain seasons, as well as take part in ikebana workshops twice a month.

(English guided tours)
For those who do not speak Japanese but want to explore Japan in-depth, Keio’s concierge can arrange English language guided tours that include an onsen hot spring experience and sake brewery visits.

Unique Accommodations Found Only at the Keio Plaza Hotel
In 2014 Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo introduced unprecedented Hello Kitty rooms, decorated with the globally loved Hello Kitty. There are two of these rooms, Princess Kitty and Kitty Town, each of which allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the fantastic, kawaii world of Hello Kitty. Also offered for the guests who stay in these rooms is the Hello Kitty breakfast room service and a complimentary Hello Kitty mascot doll.

The latest additions to the hotel are the newly renovated Sky Lounge Aurora on the 45th floor and the Club Floor and Lounge “Premier Grand”. The former allows you to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Tokyo’s cityscape while savoring food and drinks prepared by distinguished chefs and award-winning bartenders. Nighttime is absolutely gorgeous, but there is also an afternoon tea served for a different kind of relaxing experience. The Premier Grand facilities are all located on the upper floors, where you can appreciate stunning views of Tokyo and experience extreme relaxation and comfort.

Rooted in Shinjuku for nearly 50 years, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo has seen the neighborhood transform dramatically. It has gracefully updated its accommodations and services in accordance with these changes, awaiting you with absolute omotenashi and professionalism.

Towering over the developing Shinjuku metropolitan zone since 1971, Keio Plaza Hotel is the first skyscraper hotel in Tokyo that opened its doors during the period of Japan’s rapid economy growth.

The latest additions to the hotel’s stellar services and amenities are the Premier Grand Club floors and the Club Lounge. Located on the upper floors and equipped with “wa-modern” (modern design with Japanese essence) décor and amenities, its rooms and suites offer guests the ultimate luxury.


Sky Lounge Aurora completed its renovation in 2016. Panoramic Tokyo views add a romantic mood to your dining experience.

Dining is one of the highlights of traveling in foreign countries. You can appreciate authentic Japanese food at the hotel’s Japanese restaurants.

Indulge in a tranquil moment at Sho-fu-an’s tea ceremony. This 30-minute ceremony is offered four times a day, except Thursdays and Sundays.

You can try wearing a Japanese wedding kimono.  Guests are fitted and then can be photographed in the lobby and at two other locations chosen from among four spots in the hotel. Also, guests can rent yukatas that they can wear while sightseeing around Tokyo.


Hello Kitty Room Accommodation Plans

Reproducing the kawaii world of Hello Kitty perfectly, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo’s Hello Kitty Rooms have been hugely popular since its launch in 2014. The accommodation plans include Hello Kitty Room Original Breakfast that comes in cute food items with various Hello Kitty images, such as potage soup with Hello Kitty shaped croutons, sandwiches in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face, and salad with Hello Kitty images. The plans are available in both Shinjuku and Tama locations (a total of 12 rooms [8 at Shinjuku, 4 at Tama]), but the breakfast room service is only available at the Shinjuku location.

For more information and reservations: +81-3-5322-8000 (Shinjuku) / +81-42-374-0111 (Tama)

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
2-2-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8330 JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-3344-0111 (Main) |

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