Kashoen 1883 Cosmetic Brushes

Established in Hiroshima in 1883, Kashoen originally made Japanese calligraphy brushes but today creates luxurious cosmetic tools coveted by makeup artists, stage actors, and beauty connoisseurs.

Precisely drawn eye lines and lip lines, smooth and beautiful gradations of eye shadow and cheek blush, natural-look bronzer, and flawless coverage from liquid foundation–today cosmetic brushes are needed more than ever to make your makeup look perfect. It’s finally time to be inspired by Japanese luxury brush company, Kashoen 1883, which offers an array of carefully crafted tools for the adept contour queen or the cosmetic connoisseur.

Established in 1883 in the Kumano region of Hiroshima Prefecture, a mecca for brushes, Kashoen originally intended to create Japanese calligraphy brushes like many other brush manufacturers at the time. The second-generation president of the company was a visionary who developed high-quality, artisanal cosmetic brushes for the first time in the region in the early 20th century. The company has grown into the leading cosmetic brush brand not only domestically but for the international market as well, and today it offers the gift of splendid beauty through the timeless treasures of opulent craftsmanship and materials.

Kashoen’s cosmetic brushes are made by hand, going through as many as 50 processes from start to finish. The virgin, uncut animal hairs are laid on a slant to help sculpt, develop, and highlight specific features, with a thick, decorative Japanese lacquered handle assisting in technical skill and application. The precious Kashoen cosmetic brushes are now available in New York at the Japanese concept store Waza. It carries three premier sets of brushes and individually sold brushes, all made by utilizing the textures of different animal hair for various finishes and gradations on the face, lips, and eyes.

The wavy texture of the goat-hair finishing brush, along with the powder and cheek brushes, ensures a light, powdery-soft facial surface, with ease-of-use from the brush’s thick handle. Kashoen’s highlight and eye shadow brushes are made up of soft and yielding squirrel hair, helping to produce an impression of dimension through light strokes when used along strategic areas.

For moderate hardness, the series includes eye shadow, eye definer and lip brushes which are made from weasel hair.  This hair texture is ideal for outlining, smudging, and fine finishes.The weasel eye shadow brush can replace a conventional eyeliner applicator, thanks in part to its easily adjustable angle and exactness. A small, flat, precision water badger hair eyebrow brush is the perfect asset in drawing in slender, ideal eyebrows, usually in one careful stroke.

Good things come in small packages, and this is especially true of Kashoen’s smallest cosmetic brush tool, a multi-use nylon spiral brush perfect for applying mascara to lower and inner lashes, removing clumps of mascara from hard-to-reach lash hairs, and for blending cosmetic colors.

For those who are particular about makeup and enjoy never-ending beauty exploration, Kashoen 1883’s series of cosmetic brushes are the perfect products to complete your makeup tool box.

Uncut virgin animal hairs are laid on a slant to help sculpt, develop, and highlight specific features.

Kashoen also offers a facial cleansing brush that helps build soapy suds which reach deep into facial pores.

Kashoen’s cosmetic brush set is an excellent gift, with the option to purchase a cow-skin leather case.

Kashoen 1883
www.kashoen.jp (Japanese only) | Facebook @Kashoen-US
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1073 6th Ave., Kinokuniya Bookstore B1, New York, NY 10018
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