Zojirushi Stainless Mug SM-LA48

This family of stainless mugs looks great together. Why not get one of each for all of your family and friends?

In this day and age, thinking about the environment has gone beyond being trendy –it is a necessity. Especially when considering our general use of plastic bottles, we tend to consume more than we recycle, environmental impact aside, it is simply wasteful and inefficient. While vacuum sealed bottles have been around for nearly a century, companies like Japan’s Zojirushi have been developing and tweaking its designs and capabilities for decades, and have become among the most widely admired and purchased bottle makers today.

Zojirushi was originally founded in 1918 as the Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company, focusing on imported goods. In 1948, it became the Kyowa Manufacturing Co. and started mass-producing its first glass vacuum-sealed bottles. Zojirushi’s first stainless steel double walled vacuum – their TUFFBOY line – was released in 1981, and their manufacturing process was soon patented.

What has continued to make Zojirushi so competitive is its philosophy. Whether it is their kitchen appliances like water boilers or rice cookers, or lifestyle products like their food jars, they aim to maintain a high standard for innovation, ease of use, and elegance. And especially with their multiple lines of vacuum-sealed bottles and mugs, they are catering to the active lifestyle, where people really want to have their favorite hot or cold drinks on the go.

Like all of these items, the mug is an essential tool – something that enhances one’s lifestyle.

Their latest model, the Stainless Mug SM-LA48, is yet another feat of manufacturing.  Zojirushi has been able to forge an impossibly thin stainless steel liner that is not only as durable as its predecessors, but also retains heat just as effectively. The 4-piece design (Cover, rubber Lid Gasket, Stopper, and rubber Stopper Gasket) can be easily taken apart for cleaning and then put back together. According to Zojirushi, the 16oz bottle yields 6 hours for heat retention, as well as 6 hours for cold retention.

What makes this eye catching, smooth, and lightweight mug better? Your favorite beverage inside.

In hand, the bottle is incredibly lightweight and portable. But two other details definitely stand out. First is the lid, which is incredibly well thought through. The rubber Stopper Gasket, which creates the seal with the bottle, is also the failsafe that makes sure that the other pieces of the lid are correctly in place. It’s an intuitive idea that makes sipping hot drinks much easier than before.

The pieces of the lid fit seamlessly and prevent accidental leaks and spills once properly installed.

Finally, the non-stick interior makes the mug easy to clean, and doesn’t hold onto odors – so if you’re having coffee one day and soup the next, you’ll be able to avoid cross-contamination and have everything taste as it should. And with three sizes (12oz, 16oz, 20oz) and four colors to choose from, there’s a mug that fits a range of tastes and lifestyles. The mature, dignified Navy color is perfect for the professional, while the Rose Gold might be the perfect complement to someone’s ‘bling’. Kids will certainly enjoy the brighter colors of Deep Cherry and Turquoise Blue when they bring their mug to school or while hanging out with their friends. But whether it’s on a desk or in the side pocket of a backpack, this mug will undoubtedly draw positive attention no matter where it goes.

So the next time you’re looking for a unique design that stands out from the crowd, there is no better choice than looking at Zojirushi. Keep an eye out locally at a Japanese market, or simply go online at www.zojirushi.com.

Info: www.zojirushi.com

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