Milk Punch

Fruity, light and sharable punch is now popular at parties, and it’s especially great for late summer outdoor gatherings. Ms. Maiko Kyogoku of Bessou shares this punch made with dry sake, milk and green tea, which your guests will love.

Ozeki Karatamba Tarekuchi
Category: Honjozo, Genshu (undiluted sake)
Origin of production: Hyogo Prefecture
Rice milling rate: 70%
Alcohol content: 20%
Size: 720 ml
Features: Karatamba from the 300-year old Ozeki brewery is a clean, dry sake that epitomizes the brewery’s style. It can be enjoyed at a wide range of temperatures, from chilled to hot, and be accompanied by a variety of cuisines. This Karatamba Tarekuchi is a special undiluted version with a high alcohol content. It skips one step in the pasteurization process before bottling to bring its fresh taste to your table. Awarded the Gold Prize in the Monde Selection from 2011-17 consecutively.

Distributed by JFC International, Inc.

Milk Punch

Cocktail recipe courtesy of Maiko Kyogoku of Bessou

Ingredients: Serves 16 people
Milk Punch Base
□ 3 cups brewed dark green tea
□ 3 cups fresh lemon juice
□ 1.5 cups fresh orange juice
□ 1.5 cups simple syrup
□ 1 cup Karatamba Tarekuchi
□ 3 cups whole milk
□ 8 star anise

The Cocktail
□ 2 ounces milk punch
□ 2 ounces Karatamba Tarekuchi
□ Pomegranate seeds
□ Sprig of Mint
□ Orange peel

Milk Punch Base (Do ahead)
Combine green tea, lemon juice, orange juice, simple syrup, and Karatamba Tarekuchi. Bring milk to a simmer. Pour milk into sake mixture. Milk will curdle. Filter with a coffee filter to skim the whey from the milk base and you are left with a translucent, light orange colored liquid. Cover and chill. The punch base can keep for up to 7-10 days.

In a rocks glass filled with ice, pour milk punch base and add Karatamba Tarekuchi. Stir. Garnish with pomegranate seeds, mint sprig and orange peel (make sure to twist the orange peel to release the oils beforehand!)

Ozeki Sake

Established in 1711 in the Nada region, a mecca of sake production, Ozeki Sake is one of the oldest and most esteemed national brand sake breweries. Blessed with an optimal sake brewing environment, it has produced sake with craftsmanship while introducing modern technologies. Headquartered in Nishinomiya Hyogo Prefecture, Ozeki Sake also has a U.S. operation in Hollister, California, established in 1979 as the first sake brewery in the U.S..

4-9 Imazudezaike-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo
663-8227 JAPAN
TEL: +81-798-32-2111


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