Kagatobi Sakejito

Mojitos are currently enjoyed all year round, but this traditional Cuban cocktail is particularly appealing in hot weather.    Replacing rum with sake allows you to easily add a Japanese twist and make it even more refreshing.

Kagatobi Yamahai Junmai Cho-Karakuchi
Category: Junmai
Origin of production: Ishikawa Prefecture
Rice milling rate: 65%
Alcohol content: 16%
Size: 720 ml
Features: Crafted in “yamahai” style, a traditional and laborious brewing method, this junmai sake is extremely dry with a unique aroma, pleasant acidity, and powerful body. Elegant umami from high quality, contract farming sake rice also stands out. It can be enjoyed both chilled and hot.

Distributed by New York Mutual Trading, Inc.

Kagatobi Sakejito

Cocktail recipe courtesy of Yoshiko Sakuma, Rabbit House

You can find Sakejito in more bars as the popularity of sake grows. But it is hard to find one that brings out the perfect balance between sake’s features and the “mojito-ness.” Since sake is much lighter than hard liquors, its features are easily lost in cocktails. Owner/Chef/Sommelier of Rabbit House, Yoshiko Sakuma makes an exquisite Sakejito by using elegant Kagatobi Yamahai Junmai Cho-Karakuchi. She says, “I wanted to find a sake that can replicate the power and sweetness of rum, and the answer was the super dry and full-bodied sake Kagatobi.” Sakuma puts in generous amounts of Kagatobi to exhibit its beautiful flavor without compromising the essence of the mojito.

Serves 1
□ 8 mint leaves
□ 120 cc Kagatobi Yamahai Junmai Cho-Karakuchi
□ 30 cc club soda
□ 30 cc lime juice
□ 30 cc simple syrup
□ Lime and extra mint leaves for garnish

1. Muddle mint leaves in a glass or shaker.
2. Add Kagatobi Cho-Karakuchi, simple syrup and lime juice.
3. Pour the mixture into a glass.
4. Gently pour over club soda.
5. Garnish with lime wedge and mint leaves.

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

For nearly 400 years, Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery in Ishikawa Prefecture has produced quality sake based on the strong belief that “constant innovation establishes tradition.” While firmly keeping their spirit of craftsmanship, they have been flexible enough to adjust their products to what people of each generation are seeking. They specialize in brewing junmai type sake which is made from only rice, water and koji without any additives. In order to produce the highest standard of flavor, they carefully select their ingredients. In particular, the water they use for brewing is perfected via a hundred-year process from rain and snow falling on the Hakusan Mountains and then being filtered deep underground. With their innovative way of thinking, the brewery is passionate about creating products that meet the trends of the current period.

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery
2-8-3 Ishibiki, Kanazawa City
Ishikawa, 920-0935 JAPAN
TEL: +81-76-223-1161

Rabbit House

Tucked in an intersection of the Lower East Side, SoHo and Chinatown, Rabbit House is a cozy restaurant and bar helmed by chef and sake sommelier, Yoshiko Sakuma. It serves a Japanese influenced menu comprised of items reflecting her 15 years of working in Western cuisine as well as a stellar alcohol collection. Chef Sakuma’s creative Japanese tapas dishes are great with the sake, wine, and beer, which are also handpicked by her. She creates an atmosphere where even a woman out on her own can feel comfortable sipping liquor at a bar.

76 Forsyth St., (bet. Hester and Grand Sts.), New York, NY 10002
TEL: 212-343-4200 | www.rabbithouse.nyc

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