Sparkling Sake Spritzer

The sun is getting brighter and stronger and tempting us to enjoy thirst quenching drinks. For this coming sunny season, Miss Sake USA 2016, Jessica Joly, has created a refreshing and uplifting sake cocktail.

Ninki Ichi Sparkling Sake “Natural” Junmai Ginjo
Category: Junmai Ginjo, Sparkling
Rice milling rate: 60%
Origin of production: Fukushima Prefecture
Alcohol content: 7%
Features: This sparkling sake is brewed with only rice, rice koji and water, and made through the Champagne-style, in-bottle fermentation method that creates delicate bubbles. The elegant carbonation is captured in the bottle until you open it, allowing you to enjoy a fresh effervescence. With low alcohol content, it’s light and slightly sweet on the palate.

Imported by Silkroad Wine & Spirits, Inc.

Sparkling Sake Spritzer

Cocktail recipe courtesy of Jessica Joly, Miss Sake USA 2016

Certified sake sommelier and the winner of the MISS SAKE USA Contest in 2016, Jessica Joly, is passionate about promoting the beauty of sake in the U.S. She created a sake cocktail that appeals to a wider audience by featuring Ninki Ichi Sparkling Sake with a little help of blood orange. With a beautiful rosé-like color and elegant perlage, the cocktail boasts a citrusy note and subtle sweetness from the rice at the end. “Ninki-Ichi Sparkling is light and refreshing, and I made the cocktail particularly approachable for ladies. It definitely attracts those who love Prosecco and Bellinis,”says Jessica.

Ingredients: Serves 1
– 4 oz Ninki Ichi Sparkling “Natural” Junmai Ginjo
– 1 oz blood orange base lemonade (1 tbsp simple syrup, ½ lemon, ½ Sunkist blood orange)
1. Make blood orange base lemonade by mixing a small tablespoon of simple syrup, lemon juice and blood orange juice.
2. Pour the blood orange lemonade in a glass and gently pour Ninki Ichi Sparkling over it.
3. Garnish with Himalayan sea salt and a wedge of blood orange. (Optional)

Ninki, Inc.

Established in Fukushima Prefecture in 1897, the microbrewery has dedicated themselves to brewing only ginjo and daiginjo sake using traditional methods. While they value tradition, they also keep up with trends and modern concepts, presenting their products with sophistication and style. The word “ninki” translates into “popularity”, but the brewery intends for it to mean “a person (nin) who makes sake using their true spirit (ki)”. Their brand name “Ninki-ichi” also signifies the brewery aims to be the number one (ichi) sake.

470 Yamada, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, JAPAN 964-0027
TEL: +81-243-23-2091 |

Sake Bar Ippudo NY

Sake Bar Ippudo NY is tucked inside Ippudo Westside, the holy ramen place in Midtown. Curated by Chizuko Niikawa-Helton, founder of Sake Discoveries, the bar’s sake selection is a handful of well-crafted for the Ippudo crowds. Carrying 10-12 sakes that seasonally change and excellent bar foods, it is more than a bar for those waiting for a table, but a destination bar for sake fans.

321 W. 51st St., (bet. 8th & 9th Aves.), New York, NY 10019
TEL: 212-974-2500

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