162 W. 4th St., (at Cornelia St.), New York, NY 10014
TEL: 212-300-4567 |
Mon-Sun: 11 am-11 pm

Opened last summer in bustling and chic Greenwich Village, Pokerice is a fast-casual restaurant that serves a build-your-own style, Hawaii-born “poke”.  The style itself is quite popular, however, their true specialty is health-oriented ingredients that are carefully sourced and prepared. This is why the restaurant has gained a fandom so quickly and become a popular staple for food savvy Village neighbors. Like other poke restaurants, customers can choose a base, mix-in, protein, crunch and sauce here in Pokerice; but since they offer as many as 57 choices, the combinations are limitless. Some of their unique options include a zucchini noodle base, organic tofu, Scottish salmon, and big-eye tuna. If you’re a vegetarian, you can easily make a dish, and if you want a gluten-free poke, that’s no problem at all. While customers are free to mix and match to make their own poke, there are a couple of customized combination, such as Hawaiian Poke, featuring fresh big-eye tuna, and Salmon Poke, using Scottish salmon. They also alternate featured flavors periodically–the current one is Pico de Gallo. Pokerice is truly an ideal stop for health-conscious people like gym goers, and for those who seek a “real food”.

The Hawaiian Poke is one of the best sellers. Big chunks of fresh tuna bits are surrounded by edamame, kale, cucumber, and red onion and topped with nori seaweed and roasted sesame.

Having multiple colors of ingredients is proof that the dish is nutritiously balanced.  Colorful Salmon Poke is beautiful, tasty, and healthful.

Bright and natural–the newly renovated interior highlights decorations made with flowers and greens.

3 Best Sellers
Hawaiian Poke $11.95
Salmon Poke $11.95
Spicy Tuna Poke $11.95

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