114 W. 47th St., (bet 6th & 7th Aves.), New York, NY 10036
TEL: 212-278-0010 |
Mon-Sat: 5:30-11:30 pm

Restaurateur Yuta Suzuki’s new concept presents a trifecta of fine dining (Suzuki) omakase sushi (Satsuki), and high-end cocktails (Three Pillars), in a sprawling, underground space. Suzuki, in particular, is a bold step into the future – this modern kaiseki-style, multi-course restaurant presents plate after plate of visually striking, flawlessly composed, and simply delicious food by Chef Takashi Yamamoto that will re-inspire even the most jaded New York City foodies.  Exemplifying the use of fresh ingredients and nuanced cooking so closely associated with authentic Japanese cuisine, the $150, 10-course menu dazzles the palate with dishes like the seasonal sashimi (with fish flown in from Japan), to the individual Sukiyaki, that lets you cook perfectly marbled beef that seriously melts in your mouth. As the menu (which also offers a $70 vegetarian option) changes monthly, diners will have more than ample reason to keep coming back to see what comes next. And if you want Chef Suzuki’s omakase sushi, he will be down the hall at the ten-seat Satsuki, where you get to see the master still in action.

Every bite of food has a story to tell – contemplation will enhance the dining experience.

If this picture of Miyazaki beef doesn’t get your mouth watering, you should go see it in person.

Suzuki’s 56 seat dining room captures the essence of the stylish presentation and thoughtful flavors of the food.

3 Best Sellers
10-course Kaiseki $150
Chef Suzuki Omakase Sushi (at Satsuki) $250
Vegetarian Kaiseki $70

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