Elegant Asian Inspired Cakes

Silk Cakes’ signature, Sakura Blossom Cake, epitomizes a sense of seasons, delicateness and elegance.

Whether it’s sponge cake, cheesecake, crepe or ice cream, Western sweets enjoyed in Asian countries tend to be less buttery, less sweet, and less rich compared to the originals. But in this case, less is more. Asian versions of Western sweets are delicate, fluffy, and light. Silk Cakes, whose name already implies its quality, is an Asian-inspired cake shop where classic desserts are elevated with traditional Asian flavors and modern twists.

Silk Cakes’ co-owner and pastry chef, Judy Lai, is a first generation Chinese American born on the Lower East Side, and she grew up enjoying food made by her father who was a line cook at a local Chinese restaurant. Although she first pursued a career in accounting, her culinary gene led her to cake making. Before she founded Silk Cakes, she worked as a cake decoration instructor at the French Culinary Institute. Her craftsmanship and artistic sense are represented in all her works, such as Sakura Blossom Cake, an adorable chiffon cake topped with layers of white chocolate and strawberry mousse and embellished with handcrafted pink chocolate petals.

She is also avid in incorporating Asian ingredients, such as matcha, pandan, yuzu, lychee, and black sesame, into her desserts; For example, Thai Tea flavored cupcake with condensed milk buttercream and Pandan flavor chiffon cake. Silk Cakes has a café space in its Forest Hills location and also takes orders for special occasions, so if you have any party plan for wedding, anniversary, birthday or corporate gathering, why not try Silk Cakes’ artistic sweets with an Asian essence.

Asian ingredients like Thai tea, black sesame, green tea, lychee and pandan shine in sweets with Chef Judy Lai’s magic.

Judy created Silk Cakes to bridge these two identities and finds inspiration in all things Asian.

Photos by Kaylee Dopkins

Silk Cakes
98-14 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills, NY 11375
TEL: 718-830-3838 | www.silkcakes.com
Tue-Fri: 8 am-7 pm, Sat: 9 am- 8 pm, Sun: 9 am-7 pm

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