Winter Special Dishes You Cannot Miss

The Thanksgiving holiday is now over, but we are still in the middle of the gift-giving sea- son. In Japan, there is a culture called o-seibo, which literally means “the end of the year” but commonly signifies “sending gifts to a person, groups of people, or organizations at the end of the year in order to express your gratitude to them.”
Chopsticks NY and our sponsors would like to thank you with a handful of presents. Items on page 25 are from Chopsticks NY, and those listed on page 26 are gifts and discounts from our sponsors.

Gifts from Chopsticks NY


Tenugui is a Japanese cotton towel traditionally used as a hand towel. In modern days, it can be used as a table mat or scarf and also for gift wrap-ping. You can even hang it on the wall as art. We’ll give away a set of two tenugui: one is a printed rabbit pattern and the other a raccoon pattern.

Animal Shaped Eraser

Adorable animal erasers do not only attract fans of “kawaii” Japanese stationery, but can also melt anyone’s heart. 3 lucky winners will receive a set of 5 IWAKO animal erasers. *Items shown above are samples. The gift set items will be randomly chosen.

Fish-Shaped Dish Washing Sponge

Even Japanese dish washing items are cute and fun. Made with three layers of different materials, MARNA brand’s fi sh-shaped sponge is easy to hold, can get into tight spaces, and is adorable to look at.

Books about Japanese Food and Drink

These hardcover books with beautiful photos invite you to learn about the profound Japanese food culture.

Enter by December 22nd!

$60 Off

Do-in Seitai Center

By using centuries-old traditional Japanese manipulation techniques of Seitai Shiatsu, Master Norimasa Suzuki can target specific problem areas and alleviate pain without surgery. With the motto “Preventing Surgery and Eliminating Pain”, Do-in Seitai Center has treated patients by using only natural methods.

Do-in Seitai Center helps your pain management. If you use a PC too much everyday, you might suffer from chronic problems like stiff neck, frozen shoulder, pain on hands and fingers or lower back. Do-in eliminates those pains.

141 E. 55th St., (bet. Lexington & 3rd Aves.) | 212-697-9114


$50 Off

MOMOTARO Scarsdaler

Founded by Sammy Miyamoto in 1980, MOMOTARO Hair & Beauty Salon New York has been loved by New Yorkers for decades. Its Scarsdale location also offers equally high quality hair services with Japanese hospitality, and it is now co-owned and spearheaded by veteran stylist, Yasunori Watanabe.

Formulated with a plant base, heat-activating, anti-aging component and Nano-phy, the treatment, developed by Sammy Miyamoto has superb power repairing and rejuvenating your hair. It has no harm on body.

2 Spencer Pl., 2nd Fl., Scarsdale, NY, 10583
TEL: 914-472-5897 |



Kulu Desserts

Kulu Desserts offers crepes, smoothies/coffee, and Hong Kong style sweet soups that incorporate fresh fruits, pudding, and herbal jelly. In the chilly months, try a dessert that warms you up, such as Red Bean Soup with Coconut Juice and Mini Sweet Ball with Black Glutinous Rice, as it satisfies your sweet tooth.

Kulu Desserts is offering hand made Bubble Waffles and Crepes only in Elmhurst, Flushing, and Brooklyn locations. The special Bubble Waffle, “Pinky Rose” contains actual rose petals. Visit their website for other locations.

86-55 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY 11373
TEL: 212-658-0865 |




New sensation “Wa” modern has arrived in NY. Japanese products are known as well-made and fine quality by today’s world market standards. Waza shop carries traditional products that have over historical background and philosophy. Waza introduces items that merge Japanese traditional artisan technique with the latest design.

Waza has opened their new concept shop on 33 Spring Street  in order for consumers and buyers to experience the essence of Japanese craftsmanship, and allowing them to see and hold in their hands.

33 Spring St., (bet. Mulberry & Mott Sts.), New York, NY 10012
TEL: 646-930-4400 |

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