Sweets and Dessert Drinks for Valentine’s Day

DORA-YAKI (Japanese pancake sandwich)

In addition to their flagship store, Brooklyn Ball Factory opens inside three locations of Cafe Zaiya. They offer dora-yaki, Japanese mini pancake sandwiches stuffed with anko (sweet paste made of bean or potato). Traditionally, dora-yaki is stuffed with red bean paste, but they added more creative flavors to their lineups, such as matcha green tea flavored anko, flat mochi rice anko, Japanese sweet potato paste anko, cream cheese anko, and chocolate anko.

Brooklyn Ball Factory
95 Montrose Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11206 | www.bkballfactory.com | www.zaiyany.com

EGG BOLO Cookies

Egg Bolo, a traditional Japanese confection enjoyed over generations since 1953. The flavors of eggs and milk spread as Bolo quickly melts in your mouth. It comes in 16g snack pack, 50g and 70g, and the cute package gives off a nostalgic feel. The main ingredient is potato starch. It contains whole eggs and may not be suitable for young babies and children with allergies. The same signature flavor will remain for the next 100 years.


Purple Yam Red Bean

KULU Desserts offers crepes, smoothies, coffee and Hong Kong style sweets. New on their menu is the Taro & Sweet Potato Ball series prepared by mixing mashed sweet potatoes and taro roots with purple yam, matcha or durian fruit. No additives or food dyes are used. Enjoy this new addition along with their rice cake balls in purple yam, taro root, yellow yam or matcha flavors.

KULU Desserts Elmhurst 86-55 Broadway, Elmhurst
KULU Desserts Flushin 37-06 Prince St., Flushing
kuludesserts.comFB Instagram@kuludesserts

Ube Mirukuru

Always serving fresh, healthy and unique desserts, KULU Desserts wants you to try their Ube Mirukulu. Ube, similar to a purple potato, is finely mashed and simmered with milk, and then set to cool for four hours. The finished product is naturally purple in color from the ube and no additives are used. Find your favorite from a variety of flavor choices like green tea, Thai tea, sesame seeds, durian and original milk.

Kulu Desserts Brooklyn 806 62nd St., Brooklyn
kuludesserts.comFB Instagram@kuludesserts

Ancientics® (amazake fermented probiotic drink)

Brooklyn Ball Factory offers Ancientics® (amazake fermented probiotic drink) in its original flavor and green tea flavor. Amazake is a traditional Japanese drink made from rice and contains an abundance of probiotics. It has a creamy texture with a natural sweetness. A healthy snack made from dried amazake, Amazake Bar (almond, pecan, mango and strawberry flavors), is also available.

Brooklyn Ball Factory
95 Montrose Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11206 | www.bkballfactory.com | www.zaiyany.com

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