Personalize Your Gift with Original Gift Cards with Japanese Twists

Whatever you choose for your loved ones this gift season, the best way to personalize your gift is to send it with a personal gift card. Here, we introduce easy recipes for making eye-catching gift cards with Japanese twists.

Gingerbread Man Noshi Holiday Card

What you’ll need:
・Cardstock (Cream/Ivory) ・Cardstock (Brown) ・Vellum Paper ・Pen or Pencil ・Ruler ・Scissors ・Double Sided Tape ・Marker ・White Pen (Optional) ・ Hemp Cord or Mizuhiki

Cut cardstock to 6” (height) x 8” (width) then mark and draw lines at 2” from the left and right sides

old at the marks

Print out the downloadable PDF Gingerbread Man on the brown paper (you can also draw it freehand) and cut him out

Add icing if you like

Cut the Gingerbread Man in half and place strips of double sided tape along the cut ends

Align the cut ends to the edges of the card

Write your message on the vellum paper. Make sure the message stays in the middle then cut the vellum paper to a length you can wrap around the card

Close the ends of the vellum strip with double sided tape. Tie hemp cord or mizuhiki cord around the card then make a single bow.

Christmas Present Tree

What you’ll need:
・Cardstock・Ruler・Pen or Pencil・Scissors・Cutting mat / Craft knife・Washi tapes (Variety)

Cut cardstock to 6” (height) x 8” (width) then fold in half width-wise

Draw an isosceles triangle (2.75” bottom / 3.25” height) in the center of the left side of the paper and cut it out

Close the card then draw lines along the edg- es of the triangle

Open up and cover the triangle you just drew with strips of different washi tapes

Draw a bow on the top of the “washi tape present box tree” and write your message on the bottom

Decorate the front side edges with washi tape as well and you’re done!

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