AGES OF ENCHANTMENT: JPA Cultural Repertoires 2017

Japan Performing Arts (JPA)

On Saturday, Oct. 28, Japan Performing Arts (JPA) will hold a stage performance called Cultural Repertoires 2017 at Symphony Space on the Upper West Side.  Being billed as “edutainment,” or the combination of education and entertainment, it will include a kimono show, Japanese dance and traditional performing arts.  Each portion of the show will be narrated in both Japanese and English, and videos and photographs will be used for explanation. In the traditional performing arts segment, performances with 17-meter long paper dragons from Shimane Prefecture will be presented. Also, highlighted in the segment will be Japan’s “ningyo joruri and bunraku”, UNESCO’s intangible cultural asset, performed by three puppet masters led by Kanichi Yoshida. JPA seeks to spread Japan’s traditional performing arts via regular lectures and performances at educational institutions and events, and Cultural Repertoires is an extension of this mission.

Location: Symphony Space
2537 Broadway, (at 95th St.), New York, NY 10025
Info:  |  Facebook

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