The 10th Anniversary Party Celebrated Its Milestone


It’s been 10 years since GO! GO! CURRY! opened its first U.S. branch in Midtown West.  Serving hearty, rich Japanese curry–more specifically the curry unique to Kanazawa City, the fast-casual food chain has grown into seven locations in the New York area and Boston.

On Nov. 27, GO! GO! CURRY! USA held a party  at The Empire State Building celebrating its 10th anniversary, inviting food distributors and companies that supported their operation for a decade. During the party, Ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi and Mr. Kentaro Tsurushima, Vice President of New York Mutual Trading, Inc. made a congratulatory speech, respectively, and praised GO! GO! CURRY! USA’s achievement that established the foundation of fast-casual Japanese curry business in the U.S.

Mr. Hirokazu Miyamori, Founder and CEO of GO! GO! CURRY! also joined the event and expressed his appreciation to the supporting companies while Ms. Tomoko Omori, President of GO! GO! CURRY! USA, also shared episodes and struggles in the past 10 years, such as their efforts not to increase prices. She also revealed future business plans and affirmed that GO! GO! CURRY! USA would continue to serve hearty curry that makes everyone happy.

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