“The Heart and Soul of Japanese Green Tea”: A Seminar Promoting Japanese Green Tea

JETRO New York / The Norinchukin Bank

On Nov. 15, owners, managers and beverage specialists in high-end tea salons, hotels, restaurants and cafes were invited to the seminar, unfolding the mystery of Japanese green tea. Organized by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) New York and The Norinchukin Bank, this seminar was intended to provide professionals in the restaurant business with the knowledge to present their customers with accurate information about the Japanese green tea.

Oscar Brekell, the Sweden-born Japanese tea instructor, held two sets of lecture-and-demonstrations in English, providing attendees a hands-on education and experience that was previously only available in Japan. During the seminar, Mr. Brekell, a premier Japanese tea lecturer, gave a thorough explanation about cultivation, types, processing and brewing as well as history, science, traditions and techniques that clearly differentiate it from other types of tea in the world. Four different kinds of tea, hoji-cha, gyokuro, cold brew sencha, and sencha with matcha powder were served during the seminar to prove how diverse the tastes could be. Approximately 50 professionals from the industry appreciated the rare opportunity to delve further into the world of Japanese green tea.

Location: 4 W 43 Building Event Space
4 W. 43rd St., (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.), New York, NY 10036

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