HOPPY ICE MUG SUNDAY at Rare View Chelsea

Hoppy Beverage Co

On Sunday, Aug. 13, HOPPY ICE MUG SUNDAY was held at Rare View Chelsea on the rooftop of the Chelsea Hilton Hotel. Ice carvers from Okamoto Studio were on hand to guide the participants to make their own ice mugs using hand tools. Once completed, they were invited to fill their own, newly created mugs with HOPPY. This Japanese drink with a 69-year history is much favored by Tokyo’s business crowd and recently has grown in popularity among the younger culinary and cocktail enthusiasts. HOPPY is a hop based beverage with low alcohol content of just 0.8%. It is regarded as healthier option than regular beer with its low carbohydrates, low calories and no purines. They are typically mixed with shochu or similar liqueurs. For those who missed the event but want to give HOPPY a try, it is offered at several Japanese restaurants in the city such as SakaMai, Azasu, and Hagi 46.

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