Taiwan Excellence Product Showcase 2016


The Taiwan Excellence Product Showcase was held for the first time at the Time Warner Center from Sept. 22-25. Featuring over 50 award-winning products from Taiwan’s leading innovation companies, the exhibition allowed visitors to experience some of the latest technological breakthroughs across a range of different categories including gaming computers, smart accessories, alternative transportation, and sustainable products.

Products that received an award are authorized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to use the Taiwan Excellence mark. There are three categories in the “Taiwan Excellence Awards”, the Gold Award, the Silver Award and the Taiwan Excellence Award. In order for the product to receive an award, it is evaluated on five key indicators: Research & Development (R&D), Design, Quality, Marketing and Made in Taiwan; plus the product is judged on its “innovation value”.

Location: Time Warner Center
10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

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