Sabae Eyeglasses Special Pop-up Shop

Fukui Megane Industry Co., Ltd.

Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture is a mecca of eyewear production in the world. It is known for producing craft eyeglass frames that are made by master craftspeople. From Feb. 16 to 23, two premier eyewear companies from Sabae, Paperglass and FACTORY900 will open a three-day pop-up store inside WAZA Shop and showcase their craft eyewear. Paperglass produces paper-thin, foldable eyeglasses and FACTORY900 boasts its handcrafted frame made by using 3D modelling. The staff from both companies will be there in person, available for answering your questions.

Location: WAZA Shop SoHo
33 Spring St., (at Mott St.), New York, NY 10012

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