Japanese Crossword #65

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor


1. In the cold of winter, people might catch ____ (colds).
5. Tokyo Station is the hub of many railways, and it is always crowded. ____ (dictionary form) is a verb meaning “to get crowded”.
6. A common suffix used after the name of a person to show respect
7. When it’s cold, people wear naga____ (long sleeves), but they switch to han____ (short sleeves) in the summer.
8. “Fish gills” in Japanese. The word is also used in a phrase signifying “square-jawed.”
9. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to see,” “to watch,” and “to look.”
12. In cold weather, it’s a good idea to ____ (gargle) when you come inside.
13. ___ means “two,” and ___-gatsu is February.

1. When people get the flu, they take ______ (medicine).
2. Always used in the negative form, ______ is an adverb that emphasizes the degree of negativity.
3. During winter in New York, it’s cold ____ (outside).
4. Originally meaning “to slide” and “to slip,” the verb ______ (dictionary form) is also used to describe the actions of skiing and skating.
7. An i-adjective meaning “chilly” or “cold”
10. ___kon (lotus root) is one of the ingredients used in traditional Japanese New Year’s cuisine––it is thought to be an auspicious vegetable because of its holes that allow it to “see” the coming year
11. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to chase”


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