Japanese Crossword #64


1. ____ (sea bream) is often eaten at celebratory occasions because of its beautiful red color and being part of the word mede ___ (auspicious).
6. There are many ___ (hot springs) in Japan.
7. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to knit”
9. On New Year’s Day in Japan, there is a custom of eating ___ (rice cakes).
11. “Fire” in Japanese
13. We wish you a bright ___ (future).
14. ___(clouds) are composed of water.


2. ___i is an i-adjective meaning “blue”, but sometimes it also means “pale” or “less experienced”.
3. ____ (life) is precious.
4. “Enemy” in Japanese
5. ____ are traditional Japanese sweets consisting of glutinous rice cakes stuffed with sweet red bean paste. The name signifies “great luck”.
8. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to give birth”, “to spawn”, “to generate”, “to produce” or “to create”
10. Yoru (night) versus ___(day)
12. A noun meaning “a person”, “human being”, or “other people”
13. ___dai is a noun meaning “problem”, “question” or “exercise”.



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