Japanese Crossword #63

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

1. In Japan, there is a custom of taking a bath with this Japanese citrus fruit on the day of the winter solstice.
7. _______ko is a spicy cod roe.
10. _____ means “heredity” or “inheritance,”and ______shi means “gene.”
11. “Winter” in Japanese
13. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to say” or “to address”
14. ________ is a noun signifying a stable or steady condition.
15. “Bowl” and “cup” are both called _____ in Japanese, often with the honorific prefix “o,” as in o_____.

2. _____boshi are salty and sour pickles made from _____ (plums).
3. A noun meaning “everything,” “all,” and “whole”
4. A casual way to say “yes” or express your agreement
5. “Circle” in Japanese
6. In winter, daytime is _______ (i-adjective).
8. _____ and nusumu both mean “to steal” (dictionary form).
9. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to pray”
11. _____ ri means “two people,” and _____tsu means “two pieces.”
12. ____ and ii both mean “good.” The former is a little more formal.
13. “Rock”  in Japanese


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