Japanese Crossword #62

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

2. Now the ____ (cold) season is coming (cold as in temperature)
4. ___ means “horse” and it is used in the phrase ___ ga au meaning “To have a lot in common” and “to get along”
6. ____na is a na-adjective meaning “easy”
7. ____ means “morning sun” – also it is used in the name of one of the major Japanese newspapers: ____ Shinbun
11. November 3 is a national holiday called ____ no Hi in Japan. It is a day for celebrating culture
12. Meaning “place” by itself, ___ is used to make words like ___men (scene) and ___ai (situation, case)
13. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to play”

1. Dark circles around the eyes are called ____
2. If you want to add more to a statement, use ____-ni which means “moreover” or “in addition,” at the beginning of a sentence
3. The Japanese words for “forest” and “harpoon” are pronounced the same way
5. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to welcome” and “to greet”
8. Japanese noodles made from buckwheat: also used to signify buckwheat itself
9. November is when we experience kisetsu no _____ (a change of season)
10. Komatsu___, taka___, mizu___, karashi__, and abura__ are all types of greens used in Japanese cooking


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