Japanese Crossword #61

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

1. ____ is a distilled alcoholic drink Japanese people have enjoyed for centuries. Unlike sake, which is a brewed alcoholic drink made of rice, ____ can be made of many different ingredients- from sweet potatoes to barley, brown sugar and more
6. You say ____ (i-adjective) when you eat something tasty
7. “Teeth” and “tooth” are both called ___ in Japanese
8. You say ___ (i-adjective) when you find something expensive
9. Both takusan and ______ mean “plenty and “a lot of.” The former is often used with countable objects, while the latter is used with uncountable ones
10. “Iron” in Japanese: Iron Chef in Japanese is Ryori no ____jin.

2. Dictionary form of the verb meaning “to dry”
3. i-adjective meaning “close” or “near”
4. _____ refers to the color sky blue and is made by combining two words meaning “sky” and “color”
5. i-adjective meaning “sweet” and “sugary”
7. Traditional form of a poem developed in Japan centuries ago that must follow a 5-7-5 syllable rhyming pattern and contain a seasonal word
8. ___ is a noun used to imply purpose, reason and cause


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