Japanese Crossword #60

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

1. ______ is the dictionary form of a verb meaning “to tumble,” “to knock down,” and “to beat”
5. This kanji (Chinese character) is used to describe situations of continuation and companionship in words like ____zoku (series), Kan ___ (association), and ___ mei (league)
6. Popular number puzzle invented by a Japanese person
7. Kaguya____ (Princess Kaguya) is a classic Japanese fantasy about a ____ (princess) from the moon.
9. “Squid” in Japanese
10. _______ (fluke) is a popular white meat fish often enjoyed as sashimi or sushi.
11. Meaning “south,” this kanji is pronounced “minami” on its own, but when it’s combined with other kanji to create another word, it’s mostly pronounced ____, as in ____kyoku (South Pole) and ____sei (southwest).

1. Japanese people enjoy watching the ___  (moon) in autumn, and there are many o-____mi (moon-viewing events) that take place nationwide.
2. _______za (the Virgo zodiac sign) ranges from August 23 to September 22.
3. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to sell”
4. Tokai (city) vs. _______ (country)
7. There are several ways to refer to a mother in Japanese. _____ is one of the formal ways.
8. The dictionary form of the verb “to see,” “to watch,” “to look,” and “to view”
9. Everyone has his/her _____ (opinion).


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