Japanese Crossword #59

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

1. Summer is the season for ________ (festivals) in Japan, which take place throughout the country every week during July and August.
4. People are becoming more conscious of ______na (safe [na-adjective]) food.
5. _____ is a noun, meaning “accomplishment,” “result,” and “product”. Also, _____ru is an auxiliary verb meaning “to be able to do.”
7. “Hunch” in Japanese
8. ____ refers to indigo plants, and ____zome refers to indigo dyeing.
9. i-adjective meaning “bitter”
11. Terraced fields are called _____da because they look like _____ (shelves, racks).

1. Japan’s unique _______ (comics and animated films) are now enjoyed worldwide.
2. This capital city in Miyagi Prefecture is famous for its elegant Tanabata Festival in August.
3. ____ is an i-adjective meaning “painful” and “hurting.”
6. “English language” in Japanese
7. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to shop”
9. Both ____ and nani mean “what.” Ima ___-ji desu ka is a phrase meaning, “What time is it now?”
10. “To roast” and “to shoot” are homophones in Japanese. Their dictionary form is _____.


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