Japanese Crossword #58

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

1. ___ (mosquitoes) are very active during summer
5. Niagara Falls is the biggest _____ (waterfall) in the world.
7. “Face” in Japanese
8. ______ (vegetables) contain an abundance of vitamins
9. Shichi and ___ both mean “seven”
13. ____ refers to small bowls or cups. This word is often preceded by the honorific prefix “o,” as in o____.
14. ____ is a casual, summer kimono that is made of cotton

1. An i-adjective meaning “itchy”
2. “Red” in Japanese
3. ____ is a prefecture that consists of many tropical islands
4. A noun that means “difficulty” or “hardship”
6. ___gu is the dictionary form of a verb meaning “to hurry”
10. The smash hit Kimi No ___ (Your Name) is a Japanese anime film from 2016
11. ____na is a na-adjective meaning “unpleasant” and “unwelcome”
12. Dictionary form of the verb “to go”
15. “Door” in Japanese



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