Japanese Crossword #56

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

1. A traditional Japanese inn equipped with tatami mats is called a ______
5. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to ride”
8. I-adjective meaning “noisy”
9. ___kai means “banquet” or “party.” It consists of two kanji characters: ___ (banquet) and kai (gathering).
10. “Cow,” “ox,” and “bull” are all called _____ in Japanese.
12. Meaning “supplement” and “assistant,” ___ is usually combined with other words to produce a specific meaning, such as ___ketsu (substitute) or ___ju (replenishment).
13. __ru is the dictionary form of a verb meaning “to boil” and “to simmer,” and simmered dishes are called __mono in Japanese.
14. The kanji ___ means “to advance,” and it’s used in words like ___ka (evolution), kō__(march), and ___po (progress).

2. “Night” in Japanese
3. Literally meaning “stormy mountain,” _______yama in Kyoto is a popular destination for fall foliage.
4. Japan was formed by volcanic actions, and it is home to many _____ (hot springs).
6. ______ refers to both Japanese lacquerware and the tree that produces the lacquer.
7. I-adjective describing a feeling of dislike
11. ___ means “book” on its own, but it’s also a part of words such as e___ (picture book) and kyaku___ (script).


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