Japanese Crossword #55

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor

1. ____ (cherry blossoms) bloom throughout Japan in the spring, and festivals celebrating this flower take place everywhere.
4. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to protect” and “to defend”
6. “House” in Japanese
8. A counter used for a set of publications or documents
9. Famous for its old downtown atmosphere and the Kaminari-mon (Thunder Gate), _________ is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo
11. “Tree” in Japanese
12. A noun describing the state of being “slanted” or “diagonal”

1. _____ru is the dictionary form of an intransitive verb meaning “to cool down.” (a transitive verb meaning “to cool down” is samasu.)
2. “Chestnuts” in Japanese
3. Dictionary form of a verb meaning “to walk”
4. Often used in greetings like “_____ ashita” (see you tomorrow) and “____ ato-de” (see you later), _____ on its own means “again” or “another.”
5. ____ is a noun indicating “above” or “up” and is often used with the postpositional particles “de” and “ni.”
7. “Opinion” in Japanese
8. O-_____ refers to a ghost or goblin. The word was derived from the verb _____ru, meaning “to turn” and “to disguise.”
10. “Thousands,” “line(s)” and “the cap of a bottle” are homophones in Japanese, pronounced _____


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