Japanese Crossword #54

©Chopsticks NY / Myles Mellor


1. We go outside when the ____ (weather) is nice
5. “Sweat” in Japanese
7. ____ or ____dachi means “friend(s).”
9. A suffix used after the name of a person to show respect (often used for men)
10. _____-na is a na-adjective meaning “fine,” “lively,” and “good.”
12. An i-adjective used to describe a person in pain, e.g.,“Atama ga ____ (I have a headache)” and “Ashi ga ____ (I have a pain in my leg)”
13. “Sky” in Japanese
14. ____ means “lie,” and “____ o tsuku” means“to tell a lie.”
15. Kai___ (paintings), _____yoshi (drawing paper) and ei (film) can all be completed with this word meaning “painting” and “to paint”
16. ___ is an i-adjective used to signify that something or someone is not present and also an auxiliary verb meaning “negative.”


2. To paint, we need ___ (paints)
3. As the seasons change, the ____ (temperature) also changes
4. “Tomorrow” in Japanese
5. A snowy prefecture located in the northern part of Honshu (Japan’s main island), which is famous for its kamakura (igloos)
6. Actors are always serious about their ____ (performances)
8. Brussels sprouts are called ___ kyabetsu (sprouts of cabbage)
11. ___ -na is a na-adjective meaning “beautiful” and “clean”
13. ____ means “a loss” and “___ o suru” means “to lose”
15. This word means “ingredients” and often refers to ramen toppings


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