A Diet to Help Your Digestion Problems

Throughout the party going and dining out holiday season from Thanksgiving to the New Year, we tend to eat and drink a bit more than we need. This causes our stomach to overwork and get tired, leading to digestion problems and discomfort. To take care of our stomachs, Chopsticks NY consulted with New York registered dietitian nutritionist Ms. Asako Miyashita for a stomach-friendly diet.

“The best food for digestion is grated daikon radish,” says Ms. Miyashita. This root vegetable common in Japanese cuisine has an abundance of diastase, an enzyme that helps break down starch into maltose. “If you already suffer from stomach troubles, eat a mixture made by adding umeboshi (salt cured plum) to grated daikon and pouring bancha tea or hojicha tea* over it.” She also advises to eat boiled vegetables instead of cold salad, avoid citrusy fruits, fiber-rich vegetables, salty foods and caffeine, and switch from whole grain bread to white bread and from brown rice to white rice. These will help ease the overload on our stomachs.

What really should be avoided is alcohol and oil/fat, as both may damage the stomach wall. So stay away from deep-fried and sautéed dishes as much as you can. White fish is recommended, but if you are a meat lover choose chicken tenders and avoid fatty meat. “I recommend that you eat dishes that are easy to digest as 80% of your diet. But you can enjoy fried dishes and meat dishes once a week,” she suggests.

* Umeboshi, bancha and hojicha teas are all available in Japanese grocery stores.

Rich in digestive enzymes, grated daikon radish is an ideal food for your stomach.

Choose bananas instead of fruits with high acidity when you have an upset stomach.


Asako Miyashita, MS, RDN, CDN
Registered dietitian nutritionist in New York who offers nutrition counseling and lectures for various medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid issues, oncology, and weight issues.

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