Say Goodbye to Winter Dry Hair

During the cold winter in New York, we often suffer from dry hair, static electricity and extra dandruff. To prevent these problems, Chopsticks NY consulted Ms. Tomoko Shima, hair stylist and owner of Tomoko Shima Hair Salon.

“To prevent static electricity and dryness, I recommend applying a hair oil after shampoo and conditioning, on wet hair, to moisturize and repair,” she says. There are many different types of oil available, but she suggests using a light type of hair oil, serum or leave in treatment. So, when buying it, don’t forget to try a sample in-store and find the right one for you. “Also, rose water is great for moisturizing your hair. Dilute store-bought rose water and make 10% solution, and spray over your hair. Rose water is good for your skin as well, so you can carry it with you and spray it on your face and hair in the office.”

Even if you use the same shampoo and follow your usual hair washing routine, some of you may find dandruff during the winter time due to the dry environment. In that case, she recommends trying a shampoo which is made for scalp care. “You can do deep cleansing by using scalp care shampoo, but if you still have troubles, it’s better to go to a salon to receive a head spa. It is very good for those who worry about hair loss as well,” she says.

“But the simplest and most important thing for preventing dryness in winter is to shampoo with lukewarm water, not hot, and to dry your hair with a dryer before going to bed,” she advises.

Milbon’s Luminous Bodifying oil is very light, and it permeates into hair very easily to restore your hair. The amount of the size of a coin is enough to apply to all of your hair.

Plarmia is a series of scalp care products developed by utilizing botanical extracts. It revitalizes and restores healthy hair. (From left, scalp shampoo, scalp treatment and leave-in scalp moisturizer)

Tomoko Shima Hair Salon
Founded by hair stylist, Tomoko Shima, the salon opened its doors on the Upper East Side in 2005. Its high quality service is well-received, making it open its second location in Chelsea on 14th Street.

171 E. 92nd St., New York, NY 10128
TEL: 212-722-8828
235 W. 14th St., lower level, New York, NY 10011
TEL: 646-438-9277 |

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