Lamé Gradation Nail

As autumn goes deeper and toward the upcoming party season, Chopsticks NY would like to share tips to upgrade your nail art technique. This time, Ms. Miyoko Matsunaga, nail artist of Nail+ Spa SAKURA, demonstrates how to make an elegant yet eye-catching lamé gradation nail.

The first step for successful lamé nail art for beginners is to choose lamé polish with larger holograms. “Lamé polish with smaller hologram particles tends to clump on nails and is hard to spread smoothly,” advises Ms. Matsunaga. To begin, apply base coat on nails and single color nail polish. Then take a small amount of lamé nail polish and apply it on the tip of a nail, and gradually spread toward the root of a nail. If you want more of lamé polish, apply another little amount on the tip and spread toward the bottom, just like you did. This is the golden rule of making lame gradation. “Don’t ever think of finishing just one application. Applying a lump of lamé nail polish one time will give you a very hard time to arrange the hologram evenly, usually resulting in failure. Starting with little polish and gradually layering it little by little is the key to a beautiful lamé gradation nail. Be patient!” To finish, cover with topcoat. This is not only for making the nail art last longer, but also making the rough surface of the lamé gradation nail smoother. “Even if you have only one lamé nail polish, you can change an impression drastically just by changing the base color,” says Ms. Matsunaga. She suggests adding golden glitter gradation on dark base color like navy and Bordeaux this season and trying orange and green for Halloween. Have fun with combinations for different parties.

First, apply just a little bit of lamé nail polish on the tip of your nail over a pale pink base color and spread toward the bottom.

Dry the first application and again, apply a little lamé nail polish.

It takes time to get a beautiful gradation from the tip, but your patience pays off.

Miyoko Matsunaga
Before she joined Nail+Spa SAKURA last November, she worked at a nail salon in Ginza, a chic neighborhood in Tokyo. Nail+Spa SAKURA has two locations in New York, offering extensive nail services from mani/pedicure to Cal gel, LED gel and Gel extension.

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