Shampooing Technique

Harsh summer sunlight and sweaty weather are more damaging to your hair and scalp than you really think.  To reset your damaged hair toward a healthy condition, you need proper care. This month, KYOKO, stylist from GARDEN NEW YORK, shares a couple of simple tips for shampooing, which make a big difference.

When shampooing, people usually lather up shampoo emulsion, apply it onto hair, and wash with the foam. “Gently washing hair with foam is not wrong, but dirt and oil on hair are easily removed by brushing. The more important thing when shampooing is to cleanse the scalp thoroughly,” says KYOKO. So, apply the shampoo foam onto your scalp and give a little massage to remove dirt and oil from pores. Then let the foam slide down by using your fingers like a comb. Try not to scratch hair to hair. Also, “When you massage your scalp, use a motion to lift up the scalp toward the top of your head. Since your facial skin and scalp are connected, giving a proper lift-up massage to your scalp leads to a face lift,” KYOKO advises. We can follow these steps easily, but if you want a more effective and professional head massage and cleansing, try head spa and deep cleansing services. “I have seen a lot of clients whose scalps turn reddish or who suffer from excessive dandruff due to sunburn. I recommend Head Spa for those who have such problems.” Head Spa in GARDEN NEW YORK gives a special shampooing with a head massage, shoulder and neck massage, steam and rinse, and it takes 40 minutes.

Giving a lift-up massage on the scalp while shampooing is an easy step to follow and effective way to make your scalp and hair clean and healthy as well as make your facial muscles lift up.

GARDEN’s Head Spa uses Plarmia products developed particularly for scalp cleansing and head massage. This foam type shampoo is one of them and popular among their clienteles.

KYOKO is a stylist at GARDEN NEW YORK since its opening in 2015. Her cut technique stands out, especially creating beautiful layers and bob styles that are good on each person.

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