Fighting Summer Lethargy

Hot and humid summer in New York is extremely harsh for the body, and people often suffer from summer lethargy. To prevent and fight this unwelcomed symptom, we consulted Dr. Yuko Nozaki of iDo Holistic Center.

“In Eastern medicine, we consider that the human body does not easily compromise the change of environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure. This is why people tend to get sick at the turn of the seasons,” explains Dr. Nozaki.  “And the weakest points of your body—digestive system, immunity, or hormonal balance, for example—are naturally the most susceptible to those changes. Also, because each person has different weak points, symptoms of summer lethargy vary from person to person.” So she suggests that the first thing to do for fighting summer lethargy is to understand your own weak point and maintain its healthy condition. But how can we achieve that? “One of the key elements related to summer in Eastern medicine is qi energy representing ‘dampness’, like the lymphatic system in Western medicine. If the damp qi stagnates, people experience their legs and face swollen and easily get tired. Maintaining a healthy damp qi flow is what you need to do. For that, get enough sleep, eat regularly, keep a daily life rhythm, and avoid alcohol and sweets,” she advises. She also lists some helpful items.  Bitter melon, which is in season, is great for fighting summer lethargy. Dokudami tea, job’s tear tea and corn silk tea help improve your damp qi flow. Also recommended is to drink soup made by simply simmering red beans.   (Continued in next issue)

Bitter melon is also known as goya or nigauri in Japan. People enjoy it in stir-fried dishes, simmered dishes, and salad to obtain its health benefits during summer.
Job’s tear tea is available in Asian grocery stores and online. It helps improve your “damp” qi energy and fight summer lethargy.

Yuko Nozaki, D.A.O.M., L.A.c, Dipl.C.H., Dipl.Ac.
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Certified Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, acupuncturist and massage therapist. She founded iDo Holistic Center in 2001, and has treated allergies, lifestyle diseases and women’s diseases.

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