Bringing Happiness with Hairstyles

To bring a smile for his clients, TAKA maintains his wellness both physically and mentally. He goes to the gym a few times a week and eats whatever he likes!


Could you tell us about some of the unique aspects of GARDEN NEW YORK.
We are a group of professional hairstylists who go back and forth between New York and Tokyo. Accordingly, we brush up our skills and offer up-to-the-minute styles and techniques to clients.

What do you think your signature service is?
I would say cutting is my specialty. Whether it’s short or long, I can create natural looking hair styles which can be maintained easily at home.

How can you do that just by cut technique?
Well, most Japanese people want hairstyles that can cover their imperfect skull shapes that are usually flat. So, Japanese hair stylists have techniques to camouflage their skull shapes and make it more three dimensional. I can do it with my cut skill.

What do you keep in mind when treating your clients?
Make them beautiful and happy with a new hair style, and make them feel relaxed. I spend a lot of time talking with them until we agree on the final image.

Please share some of the hair styling and haircare tips for spring.
As spring comes, people change their outfits first and then make-up and hairstyles. I suggest switching from heavy winter hair styles to lighter ones by layering or adding 2-tone highlights.

As for haircare, apply oil to the tips of your hair. This is especially important for Asian people’s hair. First on your wet hair after shampooing, and then dried hair after blow-drying. In three months your hair condition will be improved.

323 W. 11th St., (bet. Greewich & Washington Sts.), New York, NY 10014
TEL:212-647-9303 |

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