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Gift Wrapping with a Japanese Touch

The final stage of gift preparation is to wrap gifts, and at this stage you can still add a Japanese touch. Here we introduce two Japanese style wrapping ideas with thorough instructions:

Design 1:

Wine Bottle Wrapping Step 1: Turn the paper over print side down. Create a 1” fold lengthwise and fold 4 more times (total of 5 folds)

Step 2: Turn the paper over and unfold the last 4 folds. Fold the creases over toward you like a fan, crossing the first fold 1/3 from the right of the paper

Step 3: Unfold then cut the left side of the creases diagonally

Step 4: Refold all the creases and secure the back with tape.

Step 5: Place the bottle inside and wrap paper around. Seal the end with double sided tape

Step 6: Close the bottom and seal with a piece of card stock cut in a circle

Step 7: Fold back the top twice to close the opening and seal with double sided tape

Step 8: Tie a bow in the middle and cut the ends at an angle

Washi Paper, Ribbon, Card Stock
Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided Tape, Circle Cutter (Optional)
Paper Size:
Width - Enough to wrap around the bottle 2 times
Height - Height of the bottle, plus 6”~8”

Design 2:

Wrapping Flat Box Step 1: Fold the paper in half horizontally, then fold back the top layer to create a 2 - 3” pocket, making sure there is still enough paper to wrap the book

Step 2: Fold back about an inch of the left side 2 times, then unfold once and fold the existing crease to the right creating a strip

Step 3: Turn the paper over and tape to secure the back of the strip. Place the book on top and wrap it by positioning the strip on the right side of the package

Step 4: Make mizuhiki ornament by following pictures a, b, c.

Step 5: Tie both ends with one of the mizuhiki

Step 6: Insert the shorter end into the pocket

Step 7: Curl to create a curve with the other end and secure it with a strip of decorative tape

Washi Paper, Mizuhiki, Decorative Tape
Scissors, Clear Tape, Double Sided Tape
Paper Size:
Width - 3 times the width of the book (or box)
Height - 2.5 times the height of the book (or box)
Shiho Masuda
With over a decade of experience, Shiho Masuda designs custom packages in New York and Hawaii. Her style is known for blending traditional Japanese sensibilities with modern, urban designs. She gives lessons and demonstrations at numerous gift wrapping events as well as produces instructional videos.
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