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The Japanese Way of Staying Healthy and Beautiful

Three Innovative Perm Techniques Popular in Japan

1. Japanese Straightening

This process is great for straightening frizzy, curly, wavy hair and it typically lasts up to 10 months, with only re-growth requiring touch up. Also known as Thermal Reconditioning, this treatment, developed in Japan, uses a solution to soften hair and a special hot flat iron to restructure and re-harden the hair resulting in shiny, silky smooth, healthy straight hair. You will spend less time blow-drying and styling your hair compared to other hair straightening methods like Brazilian Straightening Perm, Keratin Treatment, and Cashmere Luminance to achieve a permanent pin-straight look.

2. Digital Perm

Using solution and heat, this process uses temperature regulated hot rods which have a digital display. While other perms are most prominent when hair is wet, styling products and air-drying is necessary to keep the curls in. In contrast, a digital perm is most prominent when hair is dry, so a blow dryer and your hands are sufficient to maintain the curls. It is easy to style, so throughout the day, the curls can be revived by winding hair around your fingers. The look of a digital perm is softer, more natural looking waves.

3. Air Wave

Developed by Japanese salon equipment manufacturer, TAKARA BELMONT, Air Wave creates long-lasting, silky, soft waves and causes less damage to hair than a conventional cold perm or a digital perm (hot perm). The key concepts of the Air Wave system are low temperature (53-60 °C/127-140 °F) and airflow, just enough to allow hair to memorize waves without causing significant damage. Utilizing special rods connected to tubes to extract moisture and two additional steps, by creating memory in the hair’s naturally dry state, waves last up to about four months. The Air Wave can be used on most hair types to create natural looking curls with little or a lot of volume and can even be used with short hairstyles.

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