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Event Feature

Premium Sake & Shochu Tasting Event

June 20

Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc.

The 8th annual New York Premium Sake and Shochu tasting event will host close to 25 different Japanese sake and shochu companies, as well as 15 different food companies. This year’s tasting will feature sake and shochu that have been popular year after year; the all-stars of sake and shochu. Attendees will be shown which Japanese sake and shochu pair best with what foods, and some great shochu cocktail recipes will be showcased. A Japanese sake tasting contest is also scheduled, among other exciting plans!

Wismettac invites all leaders of the food and drink industry in New York, along with restaurant owners, buyers, beverage directors, liquor stores and catering companies to join us for this special event. This B to B event is free of charge (Invitation Only), so please R.S.V.P no later than June 10th. Must be 21 years of age or over; no children will be allowed at this event.

Location: 230 5th Ave. (at 27th St.), New York, NY 10001
TEL: 201-804-1600 /


Seasonal Landscapes in Japanese Screens

Through September 6 FREE

Freer Gallery of Art

The Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art is holding the exhibition, 'Seasonal Landscapes in Japanese Screens' at the Freer Gallery, in honor of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The exhibitions will focus on– landscapes from the 16th and early 17th centuries which combine ink-painting techniques from China and the vibrant color of traditional Japanese painting. The Smithsonian’s Museums of Asian Art is also hosting a colorful array of events running through Sept. 6, including the exhibitions “Zen, Tea and Chinese Art in Medieval Japan” and "Oribe Ware: Color and Pattern Come to Japanese Ceramics". Details for all planned events, such as family day, and ArtJamz painting party can be found at
Location: 1050 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, D.C., 20013
TEL: 202-633-4880

George Hirose’s Photography

Through May 30

The Lower East Side Preservation Initiative

Beginning May 3, four photographs by George Hirose will be on exhibition as part of the Lower East Side History Month and in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the NYC Landmarks Law. The show will be in conjunction with the works of five photographers that have also done extensive creative documentation of the East Village. A limited number of copies of the publication, “East Village: Lens on the Lower East Side” may also be available at the opening.
Location: The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center - LES Gallery
107 Suffolk St., (at Rivington St.), New York, NY 10002

Joint Exhibition: Strange and Beautiful

Through May 31

ShapeShifter Lab

Sungjin Lee (from South Korea) and Shuto Okayasu (from Japan) are hosting a joint exhibition – “Strange and Beautiful” – which is now open to the public at the ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn. This exhibition explores perspectives on how the world is structured through Okayasu and Lee’s works. Okayasu has been bouncing between photo-realistic and surrealistic images, while sampling famous cartoon characters and scenes to create his paintings. Heavily influenced by cut and paste and his sampling of Hip Hop culture, he navigates viewers into a hyper realistic dream world with his work. Lee lived in Japan for 10 years before residing in the U.S. Taking objective views on post-World War II South Korea and Japan under the influences of U.S. governments, he generates the ideology behind his works. He explores his unique vision through paintings, sculptures, music and video works.
Location: 18 Whitwell Pl., Brooklyn, NY 11215
TEL: 401-787-3548


Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The King and I

Ongoing through July 5

Lincoln Center Theater

A new Broadway production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s beloved The King and I is now in previews with stars Academy Award® nominee Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai, Inception) and five-time Tony Award® nominee Kelli O’Hara (The Light in the Piazza, South Pacific). Tony winner Bartlett Sher (South Pacific) directs this classic tale of a British schoolteacher’s unexpected relationship with the imperious King of Siam. Previews go until Apr. 15, and the official opening is on Apr. 16.
Location: 150 W. 65th St., (bet. Broadway & Amsterdam Ave.)
New York, NY 10023 /

Kabuki Dance and Sankyoku Music--Salon Series No. 52

June 21

Sachiyo Ito

Through the performances of the Kabuki Dance, Shigure Saigyo, and the classical Sankyoku music, Kajimakura, Salon Series No.52 will explore the life of asobime (play girl) and shirabyoshi (dancer/medieval entertainers, described as the profane, and yet who served a sacred role in Japanese history). Originally a Noh play adopted to a Kabuki dance, Shigure Saigyo surrounds an episode about a poet/monk, Saigyo, and a courtesan/Boddhisatva, while Kajimakura is about the impermanence of entertainers’ lives.
Location: Tenri Cultural Institute
43A W. 13th St., (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.) , New York, NY 10011
TEL: 212-627-0265


Career Forum for Positions in the U.S.

May 30

DISCO International, Inc.

DISCO International, Inc., will hold the CAREER FORUM for Positions in the U.S., bringing together hiring managers and recruiters seeking Japanese-English speaking professionals and new graduates, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, North Pavilion on May 30th. Doors open at 10:00a.m. Anyone who can speak some degree of both Japanese and English and is legally able to work in the U.S. is welcome to participate in the Career Forum. There is no registration or participation fee.
Location: Metropolitan Pavilion, North Pavilion
110 W. 19th St., (bet. 6th & 7th Aves.) New York, NY 10011


14th Annual Passport to Taiwan Festival celebrates Taiwanese American Heritage Week

May 24 FREE

Taiwanese American Association of New York

Taiwanese American Association of New York will hold the 14th Annual “Passport to Taiwan” Festival, one of the largest celebration of Taiwanese heritage and culture in the United States. Sample foods from Taiwan’s famous night markets. Performers from Taiwan will showcase music and dance representing Taiwan’s traditional and aboriginal cultures. Discover the beauty of traditional crafts made by master artists.
Location: Union Square North

Japanese Gourmet Fair

June 12-22


New York’s oldest Japanese grocery store, Katagiri, will host a Japanese Gourmet Fair from June 12 to 22 at their Midtown East location. During this period of time, customers can enjoy a variety of Japanese gourmet items. On the 12th and 13th, a sauce maker, Sorachi, will provide free samples of original pork bowl. Between the 15th and 18th, special crab sushi roll and chirashi by a bento maker from Hokkaido will be on sale. Also, there will be a Kurozu (black vinegar) sample sale by Sakamoto Kurozu, Inc. on the 19th and 20th.
Location: 224 E. 59th St., (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.)
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-755-3566 /

Sweet Potato Shochu Special

June 1-30

Komasa Jyozo, Noodle Café Zen

Casual izakaya style restaurant, Noodle Café Zen, will offer Kozuru Kuro (sweet potato shochu by Komasa Jyozo) for a special discounted price during the month of June. Using the distiller’s original production method, this shochu skillfully locks in the umami and aroma of sweet potato. Its profound body and sweetness linger in one’s mouth and taper elegantly. Those who order any kind of ramen dishes can enjoy a glass of Kozuru Kuro for $5.75 (Reg. $7).
Location: 31 St. Marks Pl., (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), New York, NY 10003
TEL: 212-533-6855 /

Enjoy Sake and Ramen at Kikusui Night

June 22-28

Kikusui Shuzo/ Nishida Shoten

From June 22 to 28, Midtown’s ramen izakaya, Nishida Shoten, will host Kikusui Night. Customers who order any kind of ramen can enjoy Kikusui Shuzo’s nama-sake (unpasteurized fresh sake), Funaguchi Kikusui Ichiban Shibori, for $10 (Reg. $12). Also, there will be a raffle offered to anyone who orders Funaguchi, providing a chance to win Kikusui’s original goods. Funaguchi has a rich, full-bodied flavor with a refreshing clean finish. Nishida Shoten will also introduce their brand new menu “Cold Guacamole Ramen”during the event.
Location: 302 E. 49th St., (bet. 1st & 2nd Aves.), New York, NY 10017
TEL: 212-308-0791


Sunday Special Promotion: New Scalp Deep Cleansing

Shinji 5th Ave Salon

Owned by Shinji, a hairstylist with extensive experience in Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok and New York, Shinji 5th Ave Salon is now offering a new Scalp Deep Cleansing only on Sundays. By using scalp shampoo, conditioner and tonic formulating cherry blossom leaf extract and red wine yeast, the cleansing service is effective in removing dirt clogged in pores and maintaining healthy scalp condition. For the introduction campaign, the cleansing is offered at a promotional price of $60 (Reg. $120). Also, those who order the cleansing can add blow dry for only $20 (Reg. $60). The promotion continues until the end of June.
123 5th Ave., (bet. 19th & 20th Sts.), 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10003
TEL: 347-580-0606

Premium Sweet Potato Sake Special

Komasa Jyozo / Sun-Chan Restaurant

Popular Izakaya, Sun-Chan Restaurant will be offering Kura no Shikon (premium sweet potato shochu by Komasa Jyozo) during the month of May. Crafted with premium sweet potato made by an award-winning potato grower with locally made rice koji, this shochu goes through an aging process that helps it mature into a well-rounded taste. Those ordering Nagoya-Teba (Nagoya style fried chicken wings) and a glass of Kura no Shikon can enjoy the glass for $6 (Reg. $8).
Location: 2707 Broadway, (bet. 103rd & 104th Sts.)
New York, NY 10025 / TEL: 212-749-5008

Rejuvenation Special Package Over 50% Off

iDo Holistic Center

Located in Midtown Manhattan, iDo Holistic Center focuses on holistic therapy treatments dedicated to relieving stress and pain, as well as providing Japanese acupuncture and shiatsu massages. Until May 31st, iDo Holistic Center is offering their Rejuvenation Special Package for $99 (Reg. $180). The Rejuvenation Special Package includes a 30 minute herbal sauna, 80 minute full body massage and a facial acupressure session. A complete relaxation experience.
Location: 22 E. 49th St., 3rd Fl., (bet. Madison & 5th Aves.)
New York, NY 10017 / TEL: 212-599-5300 /

Grand Opening Hair Services Promotion

Belea New York

Celebrating its grand opening, Belea New York will be offering 10% off any one hair service, and 20% off any 2 or more hair services to those who mentionChopsticks NY when making an appointmentbefore June 30th. Belea New York is a Japanese hair salon that just opened in Midtown East this April. The owner has extensive experience with doing fashion models’ hair and makeup in Japan and New York, so don’t hesitate to try out a new style.
Location: 239 E. 53rd St., (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), New York, NY 10022
TEL: 646-707-0050 /

Free Ice Cream Coupon

OOTOYA Japanese Restaurant

OOTOYA Japanese Restaurant recently opened their Greenwich Village location this March. To commemorate this, those dining at the new location can receive free ice cream until May 31. To obtain this offer, bring the coupon on page 29 of this Chopsticks NY edition. One coupon is valid for the entire group, so bring some friends!
Location: 41 E. 11th St., (bet. Broadway & University Pl.)
New York, NY 10003 / TEL: 212-473-4300 /

Introducing New Crop Green Tea Celebration Giveaway


Maeda-en has been bringing premium Japanese green tea to the U.S. market for the past 31 years. During the shin-cha (new crop green tea) season, they have imported carefully selected shin-cha directly from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, and this year they will release the shin-cha from the beginning of May. Pre-orders have already begun on 5 items; Oohashiri, Shin-cha Super Premium (canned), Hachijyuuhachiya Select Gold, Shin-cha Genmai-cha and Shin-cha tea bags. Supplies are limited, so it is recommended to pre-order online as soon as possible. In celebration of this new crop release, Maeda-en is giving away the 2015 Gold and Genmai-cha set to 10 lucky entrants exclusively for Chopsticks NY readers. To enter this lottery, write your name, address and phone number with subject “Maeda-en New Crop Green Tea Present”, and email to “”. Entry deadline is May 27 and the winners will be notified with a delivery of the gift.
Giveaway entry email:

Children’s Summer Intensive Overnight Camp in New York

Hariyama Ballet

This summer, Hariyama Ballet, specializing in the Vaganova Method, will host an intensive overnight camp from July 27-Aug. 13 for children aged mainly 9-18. Children must have some ballet experience. This camp will be an intimate group of students who will take lessons in English. Participants will receive full attention, including guidance on their strengths and weaknesses to bring out their best in two weeks. Students will not only learn ballet, but also other genres of dance. There will be special lessons by guest instructors from the American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet.
Location: 58-60 W. 39th St., (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.), 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10018
TEL: 347-451-1801 /

Asian Language Summer Intensive Classes

Hills Learning

Hills Learning is offering special Japanese language intensive daytime summer classes. Beginner classes are offered for both Adults and teenagers, while intermediate classes are offered for teenagers only. Hills Learning also offers language classes in Korean, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, and English, as well as evening and weekend courses year round. Those who book early registration get $50 off (promotion ending June 24). Potential students can find detailed class, instructor, and registration information online.
Location: 380 Lexington Ave., (bet. 41st & 42nd Sts.), 17th Fl.
New York, NY 10168
TEL: 212-551-7903

Summer Tours for Students to Okinawa and Gifu Prefectures


Japanese travel agency, IACE TRAVEL is offering 2 different summer camp tours to Japan. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and history while enjoying nature. The Okinawa Youth Exchange Program is being held from July 1-16 for junior high and senior high school students focusing on the exchange aspect while staying with a host family. Summer Camp in Gifu is for 4th graders through high school students from July 3-13 or July 22-28. Students will learn about the Japanese way of life through stimulating the 5 senses in a village deep in the mountains.
TEL: 1-800-872-4223, 212-972-3200

Summer Intensive Japanese Language Course for Teens

The Japan Foundation/ The Nippon Club

From July 6-24, the Japan Foundation and The Nippon Club are offering summer intensive Japanese language courses to provide opportunities for middle/high school students to learn the Japanese language and explore Japanese culture through fun activities. Participants can deepen their understanding of Japanese culture by taking introductory and elementary classes at the Nippon club. To be eligible, students must be in grades 7 through 12 as of fall 2015. The registration deadline is Monday, June 22. Early registration is highly recommended as classes fill up quickly.
Location: 145 W. 57th St., (bet. 6th & 7th Aves.), New York, NY 10019
TEL: 212-489-0299

Summer Basic Japanese Intensive Course

Japanese-American Society of NJ

From June 29-July 16, the Japanese American Society of New Jersey will be hosting a 3-week intensive program that teaches basic Japanese (one year’s worth of lessons in 3 weeks). The program includes reading and writing hiragana and katakana, pronunciation, grammar, practical phrases, and basic conversation. The objectives of the course is for students to learn basic communication skills from a native Japanese speaker. Chopsticks NY readers who apply by May 31st will receive a $30 discount. Classes fill up fast, so sign up now!
Location: 304 Main St., (bet. Center and Anderson Aves.), 2nd Fl.
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
TEL: 201-461-5133 /

Iroha Nihongo Japanese Classes

Japanese Children’s Society

This spring New York Ikuei Gakuen will present Iroha Nihongo Kyoshitsu Language/culture workshops. They offer three different level classes in two locations, with varying times and dates. The youngest program offered for native english speakers is designed for children in 5th and 6th grades (exceptions may be considered). Japanese culture is taught in unison with the language in order to create an effective immersion experience. Classes are conducted both in English and Japanese at the R/Lingo Learning Center in Fort Lee, NJ. The next workshop/class to begin will be on May 23 - parents are encouraged to call early to guarantee their child a spot.
Location: 2460 Lemoine Ave., (at. 5th St.), #105 Fort Lee, NJ 07024
TEL: 201-947-4707 /

Judo Summer Day Camp

Kokushi Budo Institute

Fusing together Judo, cultural education and other activities, Kokushi Budo Institute’s summer Day Camp is a 9am-3pm program designed for children 5 to 12 years old. Shintaro Higashi Sensei is a renowned 2 time national champion of judo with a degree in education. He provides all students with high-quality instruction in a safe and fun way. The Day Camp is offered from June 15-19 and June 29-July 3. Daily activities include Judo and cultural lessons (ex: Origami and calligraphy), and for those parents who need it, the institute offers an extended day option for pick ups after the 9 am-3 pm program. Spots are limited so make sure to RSVP for your child today.
Location: 331 Riverside Dr., (bet. 105th & 106th Sts.)
New York, NY 10025
TEL: 646-828-7954

Children’s Wear Memorial Weekend Sale

Bit’z Kids

Founded in 1998 in Kobe, Japan, Bit’z Kids provides the highest quality children’s clothes at reasonable prices. Full of funky accessories, great clothes, tableware, parenting information and more, Bit’z Kids isn’t just a store. Their company values “Total Fashion” - safe, comfortable, and reliable clothing with high functionality that can keep up with ever-growing kids. For Memorial Day Weekend, chopsticks readers can use the code: HAPPYMEMORIALDAY at checkout to receive 20% off of everything in their cart! Available online and in-stores.
Location: (Upper West Side location)
410 Columbus Ave., New York, NY 10024
TEL: 212-724-1415

(Tribeca location)
275 Greenwich St., New York, NY 10007
TEL: 212-571-0803

(SoHo location)
73 W. Houston St., New York, NY 10012
TEL: 212-777-1764

$60 Off Promotion: Try New Hair Cut by Coco Omori

Julien Farel Fifth Avenue

Luxury hair salon by French celebrity hair stylist, Julien Farel, is now offering discounts for those requesting a haircut with Japanese stylist and colorist Coco Omori. She specializes in dry cut, she creates styles that can be easily set and manageable. Until the end of June, her haircut is offered at $100 (Reg. $160). Also offered at the same time is blow dry with treatment for $50 (Reg. $100). To receive the promotion, mention Chopsticks NY when making an appointment. Call salon or Coco directly. Coco also does wedding/event hair styling and wig/extension cut.
Location: 400 5th Ave., (bet. 36th & 37th Sts.)
Langham Place Hotel, 4th Fl., New York, NY 10018
TEL: 212.613.8720 / 310-689-6588 /

50 % Off Keratin Straightening

Belea New York

Newly opened in Midtown East this April, Belea New York is offering their keratin straightening for 50% off (Reg. $250 and up) until July 31. This keratin straightening defrizzes and smoothes the unruliest of hair textures. After the straightening, hair is soft, silky, and easy to style for up to 12 weeks. Mention Chopsticks NY to receive this promotional price. Belea New York keeps up to date on the hottest hair trends, and the owner has extensive experience as a stylist both in Japan and New York.
Location: 239 E. 53rd St. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), New York, NY 10022
TEL: 646-707-0050 /

Free Brightening Kit for 100 Customers

Sunstar Americas, Inc.

Sunstar Americas, Inc. introduced their new skincare collection called ‘Equitance’ to the U.S. last summer. Their collection consists of six products, including skincare and supplement items. The brand’s brightening formulas are made from balanced herbal ingredients and technology that diminishes the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration. Until June 30, Sunstar is giving away its seven day trial kit to 100 lucky people who sign up for their newsletter (from the official website below). Don’t forget to enter the sign up code CN515.

$20 Off for New Customers

Salon Wave

Reopening after renovations in spring 2014, Japanese hair salon, Salon Wave, is offering special deals until July 31. First time customers who receive any service over $65 can get $20 off. All of the salon’s stylists have over 10 years experience and are well known for their coloring techniques, such as their ombre highlights option.
Location: 1029 2nd Ave., (at 54th St.), New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-355-7399 /

30% Off for New Customers

Yukie Hair & Nail Salon

Upscale Japanese style nail salon and spa, Yukie Beauty Spa, and hair salon, Hearts New York, have merged businesses this March to create one total beauty stop; ‘Yukie Hair & Nail Salon’. To celebrate its opening, the beauty salon is offering all hair services for 30% off to new customers who receive any services by July 31. Mention Chopsticks NY when make an appointment!
Location: 40 E. 58th St., (bet. Park & Madison Aves.), 2nd Fl.,
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-810-6900 /

Special Stress Release Package

iDo Holistic Center

iDo Holistic Center focuses on holistic therapy treatments, Japanese acupuncture and shiatsu massages crucial for relieving stress and pain. Until June 30, iDo Holistic Center, at their convenient Midtown Manhattan location, is offering their Stress Release Special Package for $119 (Reg. $230). Included is a 30 minute herbal sauna, 50 minute full body massage and 30 min ear acupuncture.
Location: 22 E. 49th St., (bet. Madison & 5th Aves.), 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10017
TEL: 212-599-5300 /

Free Skincare Gift Set Promotion

Dr.Ci:Labo USA

Dr.Ci:Labo is the leading doctor’s cosmetic brand in Japan, continually researching cutting edge dermatology and striving to provide the best skin care products in the world so that people can live their lives with confidence while looking their youngest everyday. Those making a purchase of over $140 in Dr.Ci:Labo’s online shop can enter this special Chopsticks NY promotion code: 8EYXJ at checkout for a free gift set! This awesome set includes Dr. Ci:Labo’s Herbal Gel O2, Herbal Serum O2, Herbal Cleansing Lotion O2, and Aqua-In-Derm Super Essence. Promo code only valid until June 30.

$99 Triple Vitamin C Facial Special

Spa Karen NY

Spa Karen NY is dedicated to providing stress relief and skin renewal services tailored to each individual’s needs. They offer an array of facials and shoulder & decolletee massages meant to heal fatigue, renew and refresh skin. Until June 28, Spa Karen NY is offering a Triple Vitamin C Facial for $99 (Reg. $185) to customers that mention Chopsticks NY. This treatment is great for fighting saggy skin, improving collagen composition, and preventing sunspots and open pores from occurring.
Location: 15 W. 44th St., (bet 5th & 6th Aves.), 10th Fl.
New York, NY 10036 / TEL: 212-729-3521 /

15% Off All Kitchen Knives

Seito New York

Seito New York, carrying more than 100 different kinds of kitchenware, offers 15% off all kitchen knives from June 1 through 30. The knives on sale include high-grade brand, Zanmai. Since its foundation in 1990, Seito New York has catered high-quality Japanese knives, kitchen and home products to both professional chefs and restaurant owners as well as home users.
Location: 4126 27th St., Long Island City, NY 11101
TEL: 718-472-5413 /

$50 Off for New Customers

Do-in Seitai Center

Do-in Seitai Center, offers Seitai Shiatsu, or “finger-pressure” techniques, to cure body aches. Master Norimasa Suzuki will help remove energy blockages and restore self-healing power to your body. The all natural treatments are based on the thousand year old practice of seitai and shiatsu, and their goal is to cure pain without surgery. The hour-long treatment usually costs $260, and new clients receive a $50 discount for their first visit until the end of July. Mention Chopsticks NY when making an appointment.
Location: 141 E. 55th St., (bet. Lexington & 3rd Aves.), #2E
New York, NY 10022

Limited Offer: Free 2-Month Subscription to Nikkei Asian Review

Nikkei America, Inc.

To celebrate the launch of the Nikkei Asian Review’s new ‘India 40’ section, Nikkei America, Inc. is now offering a special subscription campaign through Aug. 31. Those who sign up for a new yearly subscription of ‘Digital Print Plan’ during this period of time will receive the first two months free. The monthly fee is $23 otherwise. Customers who receive the Digital Print Plan will have full access to the mobile application, and will also receive the printed issue every week. Nikkei America, Inc. can provide a temporary ID for those who are interested in this trial campaign. Nikkei Asian Review is an esteemed Asia-focused English-language publication that brings insight on business, finance, economics and political news in Asia. India 40 offers up-to-date information on more than 40 of the country’s publicly traded companies; selected based on their market capitalization and growth potential among other factors. To sign up or for more information, contact the email below.

SAORI Weaving/Fashion Design Collaboration

Loop of the Loom

To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Loop of the Loom, New York City’s only SAORI hand-weaving studio, hosted a special exhibition called “We’ve Been Weavin’ Together!”, along with a non-profit organization, SAORI Arts NYC, from Apr. 17 to 29 at TENRI Cultural Center in Manhattan. In the exhibition, artworks beautifully made by select New York based designers and people with disabilities in Japan were displayed. This SAORI weaving and Fashion Design Collaboration event was made possible by using the fundraising site ‘Kickstarter’ to successfully raise over $10,000. SAORI Arts NYC aspires to improve quality of life through the creation of a weaving community that embraces individual creativity in each of us and nurtures the human spirit. Also, they offer weaving as an opportunity for building self-confidence and independence for people of all abilities.

SAORI Weaving/Fashion Design Collaboration

Loop of the Loom

To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Loop of the Loom, New York City’s only SAORI hand-weaving studio, hosted a special exhibition called “We’ve Been Weavin’ Together!”, along with a non-profit organization, SAORI Arts NYC, from Apr. 17 to 29 at TENRI Cultural Center in Manhattan. In the exhibition, artworks beautifully made by select New York based designers and people with disabilities in Japan were displayed. This SAORI weaving and Fashion Design Collaboration event was made possible by using the fundraising site ‘Kickstarter’ to successfully raise over $10,000. SAORI Arts NYC aspires to improve quality of life through the creation of a weaving community that embraces individual creativity in each of us and nurtures the human spirit. Also, they offer weaving as an opportunity for building self-confidence and independence for people of all abilities.
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