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Passport to Taiwan: Immerse Yourself in the South Asian Island

May 22

Taiwanese American Association of New York (TAANY)

The 15th Annual Passport to Taiwan Festival is organized by the Taiwanese American Association of New York (TAANY). At the festival, attendees can enjoy famous Taiwanese night market foods, a flavorful tea selection, and can purchase unique Taiwanese crafts. There will also be performances of Taiwanese aboringal music and dance. The TAANY hosts several events throughout the year ranging from lectures to cultural performances to promote a cultural exchange with the Taiwanese and New York community.
Location: Union Square Park North, 201 Park Ave S.
(at E. 17th St.), New York, NY 10003

Rare and Delicious Sweets from Kobe Fugetsudo

June 10-20

Kobe Fugetsudo

Mitsuwa Marketplace will be holding its annual summer event unveiling special Japanese foods for a limited time. Amongst the rare and delicious offerings to be sold are seven kinds of Japanese sweets and other style sweets from Kobe Fugetsudo. Some of the types include Kashiwa mochi, Kobe castella, Kobe chiffon cake, Kobe roll cake and Rokko cheese cake. They are all premium sweets made from the highest quality ingredients and carefully baked to a perfect finish.

Ever since its establishment, Kobe Fugetsudo has been known for its combination of Japanese and Western confectionery. Based on the company’s concept of: “The deliverance of sweets to satisfy our customers will continue from one era to another,” Kobe Fugetsudo intends to expand the production of its sweets by utilizing the “Wa,” or Japanese ingredients and technique, along with the “Yo,” or Western sense of colorful expression. Why not find out for yourself just how well this combination works?
Location: Mitsuwa Marketplace
595 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020
About Kobe Fugetsudo: (Japanese only)


Super Mega x2 Ramen Contest

May 1-31

Naruto Ramen Upper West Side

This May, Naruto Ramen is hosting a ramen-eating contest for a chance to win a $100 Naruto Ramen gift card. At the start of the contest, the contestant will receive 5 pounds of ramen, and when finished, they will receive one more pound. The champion is decided based on who can eat the most in 30 minutes. The challengers will receive free gyoza coupons with various denominations. The contest will only be hosted at the Upper West side location. For more contest details, visit the Naruto Ramen website.
Location: 2634 Broadway, (at 100th St.), New York, NY 10025
TEL: 212-222-0229 /

Exhibition from Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museum

June 2 & 3

The El Cantare Foundation

The El Cantare Foundation and Kids for the Future/The Liberty is presenting an exhibition from the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museum at the Center for Remembering & Sharing. The hope is to provide opportunities for visitors to learn about the disastrous effects the atomic bomb has had on humanity as a whole. Included in the exhibition are photographs and educational documents about Hiroshima Past, Present and Future, as well as the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.
Location: Center for Remembering & Sharing (CRS)
123 4th Ave, (bet. 12th & 13th Sts.), 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10003
TEL: 212-677-8621 /

“Microcosm” Exhibition

June 2-4

Sara Japanese Pottery

Sara Japanese Pottery will be hosting an exhibition featuring the imaginative work of three talented artists. The exhibition titled “Microcosm ~Everyone’s New York~” will feature Katie Yang’s sculptures, Lana Kova’s artwork, and Julie Terestman’s ceramics. Attendees will explore the artists’ different lifestyles and personalities expressed in their sculptures and artwork, challenging the viewer to imagine the artist’s perspective. Opening reception will be held on June 2, 6 pm to 8 pm.
Location: 950 Lexington Ave., (bet. 69th and 70th Sts.)
New York, NY 10021
TEL: 212-772-3243 /

Ayakoh Furukawa Leonart Exhibition

June 15-26

Gallery onetwentyeight

Gallery onetwentyeight will be featuring Ayakoh Furukawa Leonart’s exhibition “Can Art Be A Form of Prayer?” Its concept is that of a life-size drawing comprised of lines of letters which directly address topics such as peace, feminism and social issues. There is also a message from the artist incorporated into her work. The piece seeks to have viewers look for the messages that make up the larger image.
Location: 128 Rivington St., (at Norfolk St.)
New York, NY 10002
TEL: 212-674-0244 /


Compilation Album Release and Jazz Live Performances

May 7, June 4 & July 2

Monday Michiru

Jazz musician, Monday Michiru, released her new album, PORTRAITS IN TIME: 2002-2013 from Adventure Music this April. The album is a double compilation CD featuring her works from 2002 to 2013. Celebrating this, Michiru will have a series of live performances, each of which showcases her different side and expertise; jazz, Brazilian music, acoustic sounds, etc. One of the nights will simply be a trio setting that will be her next project.
Location: Club Bonafide
21 E. 52nd St., (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), New York, NY 10022 /

Taikoza New York City Park Concerts

June 9, 11 & 12


The taiko (Japanese drumming) group Taikoza, which formed last year, will take part again this year in the collaborative Arts, Culture and Fun series held in parks throughout the boroughs of New York (Fort Green, Pelham Bay, Isham, etc.). There is no cost for these events and they are unrestricted in terms of age and number of attendees. Please feel free to attend with family and friends, enjoying an afternoon or night in the park to the beat of taiko!
Location: Various NYC parks

Tenpei Nakamura Solo Piano Concert

June 11

Tenri Cultural Institute

New York and Tokyo based composer and pianist, Tenpei Nakamura will be in concert to promote the release of his 4th CD, Vortex. This CD, as well as all of his previous ones, has reached the Amazon Top 5 ranking. His revolutionary creations reflect how he has been influenced by a variety of musical styles such as classical, jazz, and progressive rock. Currently he engages in a variety of original activities not just limited to piano, so join the show to experience his unique worldview.
Location: Tenri Cultural Institute
43A W. 13th St., (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.), New York, NY 10011
TEL: 212-645-2800 /


Shodo Calligraphy Workshop

April 24 & May 29

Friends Academy of Japanese Children’s Society

At the Friends Academy of Japanese Children’s Society, where young children through high school aged kids can receive Japanese language instruction, there will be a shodo calligraphy workshop taught by calligrapher, Motoko Yuri. Participants can learn the basic skill of Japanese shodo calligraphy and make original items (mug cup, calendar, and screens) with their calligraphy. Anyone over four years old are accepted for participation. Reservations are required in advance via phone or email.
Location: 310 W. 103rd St., (bet. West End Ave. & Riverside Dr.)
New York, NY 10025
TEL:212-935-8535 /


Shincha New Crop Tea Tasting Event

May 22

Saikai Dining Bar / Ippodo / Kettl

Late spring, from April to June, is the season of shincha new crop tea in Japan. There will be all kinds of incredible tealeaves available for consumers. Saikai Dining Bar in collaboration with 300 years old, esteemed tea provider, Ippodo, and New York and Fukuoka-based tea company, Kettl, is hosting an event serving the best selection of their tea. Customers can enjoy the freshly-picked tea directly from Japan as well as learn the history and backgrounds of tea from the tea experts.
Location: Saikai Dining Bar
24 Greenwich Ave., (bet.10th and Charles Sts.), New York, NY 10011
TEL: 646-838-5599 /

NY Japan Cinefest 2016

June 2-3

Asia Society

The Asia Society will be hosting the NY Japan Cinefest, which highlights new Japanese and Japanese American filmmakers in two nights of short films. The first night of the programming is followed by a reception, sponsored in part by Kirin Brewery of America.
Location: 725 Park Ave., (bet. E. 70th and 71st Sts.)
New York, NY 10021
TEL: 212-327-9217 /


Celebrate Father’s Day with a Thai Meal

Blu Orchid Thai Kitchen

Sunnyside’s Blu Orchid serves traditional and modern Thai cuisine using a variety of fresh, exotic ingredients. Chef Mukda Sakulclanuwat was born and raised in Thailand and is self-taught, combining classic and modern approaches. This stylish location is the only place where you can taste her original menu, which is both diverse and affordable. This Father’s Day the restaurant is offering a special gift to all fathers who come in and mention Chopsticks NY, so why not treat your dad to brunch?
Location: 45-04 Queens Blvd., (bet. 45th & 46th Sts.)
Sunnyside, NY 11104
TEL: 917-832-6588 /

Weekly Trial Calligraphy Classes

Friends Academy of Japanese Children’s Society

The Friends Academy of Japanese Children’s Society is offering trial Japanese calligraphy classes every Monday in June. Participation is normally $27, but will be discounted to $20. Children 5 years old and up as well as adults are welcome, as are all skill levels. Classes will teach the basics as well as more advanced styles of calligraphy, and they will offer insights into Japanese culture. Those who continue with classes will have a chance to exhibit their work.
Location: 310 W. 103rd St., (bet. West End Ave. & Riverside Dr.)
New York, NY 10025
TEL:212-935-8535 /

20% Discount on Feather Lash for New Customers

Lucia Lash

Eyelash extension specialty salon, Lucia Lash is offering a 20% discount on the New Feather Thin Lash ($128) Full Set (160 lashes) to new customers through the end of June. By applying a super soft material that is twice as thin as others, it creates a natural look while causing less damage to the original eyelashes. Each lash is applied one by one with medical grade glue, making this salon staffed by four experienced Japanese eyelash stylists technically different from others.
Location: 107 Macdougal St., (bet. Bleeker St. & Minetta Ln.)
New York, NY 10014 / TEL: 646-838-7426 /

10% off all Services for New Customers

Yo-C Salon

The East Village salon Yo-C is offering discounts on its wide variety of services for new customers during the month of June. Services include: Cut, Permanent Wave (including Wash & Blowout), Single Process color, Straightening (including Haircut) and Japanese Straightening. The salon is known for its Japanese Straightening which uses quality Japanese products that are gentle to the scalp and hair, and it also offers Head Spa by head massage specialists. Its cozy, relaxed atmosphere and friendly, skilled staff welcome you!
Location: 225 E. 5th St., (bet. 2nd Ave. & Bowery)
TEL: 212-529-0355 /

Seminar and Premiere of the Komagatake Whisky Series

NY Mutual Trading

On April 4, NY Mutual Trading, Inc. hosted a seminar/event introducing the new Komagatake whisky series with the presence of representatives from the distillery, Mars Whisky, and the importer, Tokiwa Imports. The four premium single malt whiskys consisting of “The Revival 2011”, “Single Malt Komagatake Sherry and American White Oak 2011”, “Single Malt Komagatake Nature of Shinshu Rindo” and “Mars Maltage 3 plus 25, 28 Years” are extremely rare and hard to find even in Japan. Particularly, “Mars Maltage 3 plus 25, 28 Years”, which was made by aging the whisky for 28 years, is precious. The audience was introduced to the intricate process of producing the whiskys followed by a Q&A and tasting. The Komagatake series can be purchased from New York Mutual Trading.
Location: New York Mutual Trading
TEL: 212-933-9555

Discount on KATSU-HAMA Bento from New Menu


KATSU-HAMA has created a new menu for the 55th Street location. One standout is the KATSU-HAMA bento, which will be discounted through the end of June. This special seafood centered bento is served along with miso soup and dessert, and another addition is the Katsu Hamburger ($12.50) served with soup. If you say that you heard about the bento in Chopsticks NY, its normal price of $29.99 will be discounted to $21.99, as well as include a free beer or soft drink.
Location: 43-45 W. 55th St., (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.), New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212-541-7145 /

20% Discount on Haircut and Coloring Treatment

Hair By Miyu

Miyu Asakwa is a hair stylist with over 25 years of experience working with celebrities and private clients. Her specialty in haircut and hair coloring makes for unique styles, individualized for her clients. For the month of June, Chopsticks NY readers can receive a 20% discount on any haircut or coloring service.
Location: Ruby 6
204 E. 6th St., (bet. 2nd Ave. & Cooper Sq.), New York, NY 10003
TEL: 917-405-6639 /

In-Office Whitening with Take Home Maintenance Kit

Dental Serenity of Manhattan

Dental Serenity of Manhattan provides various services not limited to dental health care. Currently they are offering a special deal of $499 for an in-office teeth whitening with a free take home maintenance kit. This kit includes custom upper and lower whitening trays and one whitening gel syringe, allowing you to preserve your newly white tooth color. Dental Serenity strives to offer you compassion, care, quality, and comfort in their services.
Location: 515 Madison Ave., (at 53rd St.), Suite 1225
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-858-9266 /

Seeking Three Test Models for Beach Wave Hairstyle

Salon Vijin

East Village based Salon Vijin is an ionic concept hair salon equipped with negative ion products and facilities. Its stylists create sophisticated looks that are modern, and styles that are easy to maintain. Their newest hairstyle is the Beach Wave, a soft, bouncy perm created with Japanese technology, and the salon is looking to test it out on volunteers. Participants must have naturally straight hair and be available for about two hours, during which time they will receive a free perm and haircut.
Location: 22 E. 1st St., (bet. Bowery & 2nd Ave.), New York, NY 10003 / instagram@salonvijinnyc

$50-Off Campaign for First-Timers

Do-in Seitai Center

The Do-in Seitai Center has launched a special campaign offering $50 off its regular $320 service to first timers. The treatment will take about an hour depending on your body’s condition, and reservations are required. The Center offers Seitai Shiatsu, which is an ancient Japanese healing method that can cure chronic pain in the joints of your neck, back, shoulder and legs. The Center’s goal is to cure such pains so that you can avoid surgery.
Location: 141 E. 55th St., (bet. Lexington & 3rd Aves.)
New York, NY 10022
TEL: 212-697-9114/

$99 Summer Whitening Special

Waterside Dental Care

Founded in 1980 Waterside Dental Care has always prioritized providing personalized dental care for their patients. This summer, Waterside Dental Care is offering a summer special on customized whitening trays with about 2 weeks of whitening gel. The customized tray ensures the whitening gel to reach each tooth, even if the teeth are crowded. Originally a $600 value, the discount is available until the end of August. Mention Chopsticks NY when you make an appointment.
Location: 10 Waterside Plaza, lobby level
New York, NY 10010
TEL: 212-683-6260 /
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