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Synchronizing Beauty, Charm & Nature

Each stone is painstakingly chosen by hand to highlight the specific allure of each crystal. LIKE Synchronicity NYC on Facebook to get 20% off of all Miyuki designed jewelry.

The arresting individuality and allure of nature-borne jewels such as Sapphire, Labradorite, Ruby and Black Spinel are delicately encapsulated into covetable form at Synchronicity, a hand crafted accessories and crystals boutique that opens this month near the Bedford stop in Brooklyn.  Brimming with delicately strung necklaces and earrings that showcase the sophistication and the sheer multitude of shades and depth a single type of stone can express, the 20 year veteran jewelry designer Miyuki Fuchs wanted her store to feel like a treasure hunt for every woman that stepped in.

The boutique concept was launched in partnership with a professional, life-long “Crystal Hunter” who treks all over the globe from Brazil, Indonesia to India to find awe-inspiring crystal formations, unique color variations of popular stones and pure, expression rich jewels. Miyuki “synchronizes” his discoveries with her astute knowledge of precious stones that she has honed since her childhood and creative vision that transpires from each stone that she painstakingly chooses from hundreds of variations that most jewelry designers do not have access. Her  detailed precision in design is representative of Japan’s renowned craftsmanship.  Miyuki’s one of a kind pieces simultaneously feel intimate and exotic.

While a walk through the store will have most guests debating between the lucent Amethyst, deep Smokey Quartz, brilliant Lapis Lazuli or liquid clear Citrine handcrafted pieces on display, a client with a specific stone combination or design preference can also work with Miyuki for a bespoke master piece. After all, Synchronicity’s philosophy and goal is to offer honest, and pure pieces that will one day connect with a specific customer that walks into its doors.

A treasure hunt to discover your piece.

167 N 9th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211  |  TEL: 718-486-3900