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Tea Time Reaches a New Level


Tea-Ceré is a multi-task tea maker equipped with grinding, brewing and whisking functions. It grinds any tea leaf as fine as matcha.

The health benefits of green tea are highly touted around the world. And traditional matcha, which is made from the finest green tea leaves ground into a powder, is arguably the most sought after. While you can’t make true matcha from just any store bought tea leaf, the Tea-Ceré gets you closer than ever before. This all-in-one tea grinding, brewing and whisking machine from SHARP, the leading Japanese electronics manufacturer, offers much more than just an ideal cup of tea.

The Tea-Ceré’s Grinder unit pulverizes typical tea leaves (but not seed or hard grain based teas) into a coarse or fine powder, while tempering the friction and heat that can break down the nutritional benefits of the leaves. And as the resulting powder contains the entire leaf, unlike most teas that are steeped and tossed away, absolutely nothing goes to waste. Tea-Ceré even boils the water to the proper temperature necessary to draw out the nutrients while avoiding any bitterness. And the whisk perfectly blends the powder and hot water into a smooth beverage. By adding warmed milk, you can also make a tea latte. Prefer to have your drink on ice? Tea-Ceré helps you easily incorporate healthy Matcha tea into your favorite summer beverages.

The machine even comes with a cookbook that offers some interesting takes on classic Eastern and Western dishes that use tea powder. This alone should attract home cooks looking for a new direction for their culinary exploits.


You can make drinks and cook healthy meals from powdered tea.