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PURIBOOTH: Giving Purikura a New Face

Anyone who has been to Japan is likely familiar with purikura, photo stickers that are widely shared among friends. The booths where purikura (“puri” stands for print and “kura” stands for club) are taken are ubiquitous throughout the country. They first gained popularity in 1995 before the age of digital photography, and the trend continues strong until this day. Purikura have evolved over the last two decades along with changes in technology, and their current incarnation might be unrecognizable to many people. The premise of gathering with others (or alone) to take a picture after choosing the background remains the same, but in addition to decorations and other details you can now add image enhancement techniques that augment skin tone, remove wrinkles, and even alter facial characteristics.

Mars New York, a Japanese goods store located in New Jersey’s Mitsuwa Marketplace, saw potential in bringing this fun part of Japanese culture to the Tri-State audience.  In their store they have set up a PURIBOOTH, the first photo both designed specifically for international markets.  It boasts the highest-quality camera equipment and image-processing software, but it is differentiated from traditional machines thanks to innovations that reflect ever-changing marketplace trends.  One new feature allows users to share images instantly over popular social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.  After registering for the PURIFUN service, a cloud-based image database, they can download their images to their smart devices or PCs.

So the next time your tweet or post doesn’t seem to do justice to what you are trying to express, why not listen to the old adage of “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” and add a purikura?


wn0215_main Take pictures, customize the images by adding effects and drawing, and print them all by yourself.  Then you have your personalized portrait stickers!

Mars New York
595 River Rd., (inside Waterside Plaza), Edgewater, NJ 07020
TEL: 201-945-1134  |
US Distributor   Kanematsu USA Inc.  |  |  TEL: 732-271-7552