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Ultimate Umami Source Directly From Japan


Commonly known as the fifth taste profile, the concept of umami is now spreading throughout the world. Non-Japanese chefs are getting to understand this concept that originated in Japan, but it has been deeply embedded in the food culture of its home country for centuries.
There are several key ingredients for obtaining umami in Japan, such as katsuo-bushi (bonito flakes), niboshi (dried sardine), dried shiitake mushrooms, and kombu kelp. K-Seaweed Co., Ltd.,the U.S. branch of the long-standing seaweed specialty manufacturer and distributor Komatsudaira Kaiso Co, Ltd., has just launched its online store in the U.S. English-speaking customers can not only buy their carefully selected products, but can also get familiarized with their umami rich and nutritious ingredients.
Loaded with vitamins, fiber and minerals and almost zero calories, seaweed is a true gift from nature. There are many types of seaweed products enjoyed in Japan, but K-Seaweed carefully selects products for its U.S. customers, introducing wakame (soft, leafy seaweed), kombu (kelp, thicker than wakame), and hijiki (seaweed with rosemary-like thin leaves), which are common in Japan and also easy to cook for those who are new to these ingredients.
Dashi broth made from kombu can instantly add umami to your cooking. It might be intimidating to use seaweed for the first time, but you can find a variety of recipes on K-Seaweed’s website, from miso soup to simmering dishes to salads. They are also holding workshops which introduce how to make dashi broth from seaweed. Check online for the next workshop schedule.
To celebrate the launch of their English online shop, K-Seaweed is offering a free seaweed product (either Kuki Wakame from Sanriku, Long Hijiki from Nagasaki, or Kombu Kelp from Hokkaido) to the first 10 customers who place an online order.


In addition to their online shop, K-Seaweed products are available in Asian grocery stores. Their products are also used in restaurants in New York.


K-Seaweed’s website is not only a shopping site, but also provides information regarding the health benefits of seaweed products and cooking ideas.

K-Seaweed Co., Ltd.
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