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Frozen Craft Miso Ramen from IPPUDO

IPPUDO NY, pioneer of the ramen boom in the U.S., has introduced many new flavors while serving its beloved Hakata style tonkotsu ramen with rich pork bone soup and thin straight noodles. Beginning in January, its exquisite ramen will be available for your kitchen. IPPUDO released a ready-made frozen ramen set for home cooking targeting U.S. consumers for the first time.
IPPUDO developed this frozen product with inspiration from Miso Ramen, a limited time, special menu item originally presented at the IPPUDO restaurant in 2008. It was brought back by popular demand in the form of the frozen ramen sets IPPUDO Aka-Miso Ramen and IPPUDO Shiro-Miso Ramen. The soup is made from a pork and chicken base blended with miso, preserving the special recipe’s flavor in powder form. The two types are red miso and white miso, and each package contains two servings of noodles and powdered soup. The handmade original IPPUDO noodles, which are thick and curly, are flash frozen to preserve their body and structure.
It’s super easy to make IPPUDO miso ramen. Cook the packet of noodles in boiling water for 4 minutes and drain. Dissolve the packet of powdered soup into hot water, and then gently add it to the cooked noodles. You are free to add any topping you like, so enjoy being creative! If you don’t have regular ramen toppings, you can add your favorite barbecue, fresh vegetables, poached eggs and anything else you want to savor with the rich miso ramen.
IPPUDO Aka-Miso Ramen and IPPUDO Shiro-Miso Ramen are now available in Japanese and Asian grocery stores in New York and New Jersey.



Thick, chewy noodles and hearty miso flavor broth go hand in hand. It’s the perfect energy boost for the cold winter.


You can choose from two broth flavors, full-bodied Aka Miso and mild Shiro Miso.