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Shake and Toast! New Jelly-type Sake with Fizz

Drinking IKEZO is a totally jaw-dropping experience.  With 5% alcohol content and a touch of sweetness, it is a light, sake-based cocktail but its jelly-like texture and slight bubbling on your tongue give you a shock.  Developed in Japan by Ozeki Sake, one of the longest-standing, premier sake producers, IKEZO particularly targets female consumers and those who are new to sake.  It is not only unprecedented in taste, but also has a unique nutritious value. The development team made efforts to produce Ceramide and α-EG naturally while brewing. Both components have a great moisturizing effect, making the sake appealing to beauty-savvy girls. IKEZO can be enjoyed on its own and pairs well with spicy, herb-filled foods. Just like Champagne cocktails, you can also add fruits like berries, mango and pears.  To even out the jelly texture, shake about 20 times before drinking.


Ozeki Sake (U.S.A.), Inc.