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Magic Spray That Instantly Boosts Umami


A splash of Fumi Natural Umami makes your dish more flavorful.

It is widely known that dashi broth is the secret of umami-rich Japanese cuisine. The broth made from ingredients like kombu kelp, bonito flakes, dried sardines, and dried shiitake mushrooms contains an abundance of umami agents. However, it’s not easy to make dashi from scratch and incorporate it into your cooking repertoire at home on a regular basis. Being introduced this September to the U.S. market, Fumi Natural Umami can instantly add a subtle yet deeply satisfying umami boost to your cooking just by spraying it on your dish.

Brought to you by Matsumaeya, kombu kelp specialty product provider, Fumi Natural Umami is made with all natural ingredients preserved and cured in traditional ways, and condenses umami. Since it’s in a liquid form, it penetrates and blends into food easily and underlies flavors of ingredients without masking them. One splash of Fumi Natural Umami makes your salad flavorful even without dressings, for example. It can also be used for sashimi, pasta, soup and even marinating meat. This instant umami enhancer becomes the secret weapon in your kitchen. Fumi Natural Umami will be available exclusively at NY Nojo, an online store that specializes in Japanese vegetables, gourmet ingredients and carefully selected health foods.


Fumi Natural Umami contains all natural ingredients such as kombu kelp, bonito flakes, dried scallop, dried shiitake mushroom, dried shrimp and sea salt, which are preserved and cured by traditional artisan producers.

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