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Esteemed Brewery That Buttresses Sake Culture


It was in 1717 that SAWANOTSURU started brewing sake in Nada region, the Mecca of sake production, and this year marks the 295th year of its birth. As one of the biggest and longest standing brewers, they have contributed to establishing sake culture and tradition for such a long time.

Telling the history of SAWANOTSURU is like describing the path of development of sake culture. Embracing the tradition and culture of sake, SAWANOTSURU has made every effort to bring genuine Nada-style sake to people, while improving the quality of sake, developing new technology and methods, conducting research on food pairing, and propagating sake culture. Teaming up with their marketing and sales department, SAWANOTSURU’s research and development department, has resulted in countless new products and ideas.  One of the team’s notable achievements is the 11 categorization and naming of sake serving temperature, such as yuki-bie (snow cool), Hana-bie (flower cool) and Hinata-kan (sunny warm), which is widely used in the sake and food industry today.

SAWANOTSURU started exporting their products even before World War II and currently, their distribution area includes approximately 30 countries. There are a handful of SAWANOTSURU sakes available in the U.S.; Junmai Daiginjo Zuicho, Junmai Genshu, Jitsuraku, Minume and Nada Kimoto, but these are just some of their remarkable selections in Japan.  There are more that should be introduced here, including ume-shu (plum wine) brewed with vintage sake of 1999, and “Kome dake no sake: Umami Sonomama 10.5”.  The former received the people’s choice award in the biggest ume-shu contest in Japan and the latter, which successfully reduced alcohol content 10.5% while maintaining umami from rice, is recognized as one of the most innovative food and drink products in the year 2011 in Japan.

The esteemed brewery that has committed to promoting sake traditions and culture for centuries, never faded in passion.  On June 6, you can try their sakes at SAWANOTSURU Night at Kasadela (


1-2, Shinzaike, Minami-Machi 5-Chome, Nada-ku,
Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 657-0864 JAPAN
TEL +81-78-881-1234 /


3 things you should know about SAWANOTSURU Co., Ltd.

Dominating the highest share of junmai sake in Japan
SAWANOTSURU Co., Ltd. is particularly committed to producing junmai sake. It actually holds the number one share in the junmai sake market in Japan.  Having previously been a rice wholesaler/retail shop, SAWANOTSURU never compromises their quality rice ingredients.

Surpassing number of sake sommeliers in Japan
Currently, over 130 employees in SAWANOTSURU are certified sake sommeliers.  This is the highest number among any other breweries in Japan.  Also, six of them are certified sake lecturers, who are proactive in educating restaurant owners and general sake fans.  SAWANOTSURU is dedicated and enthusiastic in improving their employees knowledge and skills.

Established for 295 Years
Founded in 1717, this year marks the 295th anniversary.  For centuries, SAWANOTSURU has been devoted to making sake that has played influential roles in many ways in developing Japanese culture.  Sawanotsuru Museum, which is open to the public, features such sake cultures by displaying the history of SAWANOTSURU and that of sake brewing.

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