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1000 Golden Gourds of Success

Suzuki Shuzoten Co., Ltd. / Hideyoshi Brewery

Suzuki Shuzoten is one of the oldest continually operating sake houses in Japan, and one of Akita’s best known and respected breweries. In 1655, Matsuemon Suzuki left his family’s successful oil business in Ise and came to Akita with a dream of starting a sake brewery. He chose a perfect environment in the area now called Daisen. With mountain ranges to the northeast and south, and three big rivers nearby, the brewery was established on a farmland right in the middle of these abundant natural resources.  Matsuemon toiled relentlessly for 24 years.  In 1689 he successfully established Suzuki Shuzoten, and since then the Suzuki family has continued running Suzuki Shuzoten for 19 generations.

The story of the brewery brand name “Hideyoshi” is inextricably linked to one of the single-most influential, historical figures in Japan, Shogun Toyotomi, Hideyoshi. It is said that the local lord Satake tasted all of the sake in Akita and judged the sake of Suzuki Shuzoten’s sake to be the very best in the land. For over 325 years, they have lived up to the standards set by the Hideyoshi brand name.

Hideyoshi’s insignia is a staff of golden gourds. The infamous shape is actualized in two of the three products sold in the U.S. where brand name and brewery name are the same. Namacho is a 300 ml glass gourd with a beautiful royal blue shrink-wrap label and is a low-priced, easy drinking sake. Flying Pegasus in its gold leaf, 720 ml glass gourd, with elegant painting of the mythical horse; pays homage to the greatness Toyotomi, Hideyoshi attained. It is a limited edition koshu (aged sake), with only 300 bottles a year available to the U.S.

From ancient to ultra modern, the third selection is LaCHAMTE. Starting as a pure junmai, it receives a delicate injection of carbon dioxide, without  added sugar. This exquisite sake, when poured in a flute has a delightful tickle of perlage and a beautiful mousse.

As for the future, Mr. Suzuki is exploring new beverage ideas, and is very interested in developing the food culture of the area.


Suzuki Shuzoten Co., Ltd. / Hideyoshi Brewery
9 Futsukamachi, Nagano, Daisen City, Akita 014-0207 JAPAN
TEL: +81-187-56-2121  |


3 things you should know about Suzuki Shuzoten Co., Ltd. / Hideyoshi Brewery

Brewery Brand Name: Hideyoshi
“Hide’, ‘yoshi’ means “of superior excellence”. The two words also form the homonym for the name of the great warrior and unifier, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, whose insignia is the staff with 1000 golden gourds, commemorating his many victories. The golden gourds can still be seen at Hideyoshi’s Osaka Castle. This antique ‘Flag’ depicts Hideyoshi with his insignia of golden ‘success’ gourds.

Hideyoshi Brand “Gourd Labels”
This collection of old templates used to print Hideyoshi labels can be seen in the museum space within the brewery which also includes artifacts such as samurai dress, kimono, and sake cups.

Namacho, Flying Pegasus and LaChamte
There are three unique selections from Hideyoshi brand. Namacho Honjozo is light, easy drinking; Flying Pegasus is ultra premium, aged daigingo; and LaChamte is a carbonated sake with a delightful swirl of bubbles.