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The Sake That Celebrates Deep Aroma and Flavor


It’s well known that Japan’s popular culture bloomed during the Edo Period (1603-1868) for the first time in the country’s long history. This is mainly because the period, founded by the warlord Ieyasu Tokugawa, was based on a battle free, peaceful society. The legendary general’s birthplace is also the home of the sake brewery, MARUISHIJOZO CO., LTD. Established by the Fukada Family in 1690 in the heart of Aichi Prefecture’s Okazaki City, it has consistently produced sake deeply rooted in the local culture for 324 years.

Being surrounded by mountains and rivers, the historical town of Okazaki is also rich in nature, which creates a unique food culture. Best represented by Haccho miso, a type of dark colored miso paste that boasts a powerful and deep flavor with substantial texture, Okazaki’s signature flavor is described as bold, complex and multi-layered. MARUISHIJOZO’s sake reflects this local preference and is perfect for drinking with food. Combining techniques inherited for centuries and innovative ideas, the brewery has produced sake with distinctive body. True to basics, the brewers handcraft their sake in small batches without sparing time and labor and ensure quality through brewers’ five senses.

Three sakes from MARUISHIJOZO are currently available in the U.S. Named after the legendary hero from Okazaki, TOKUGAWA IEYASU is a daiginjo sake that sums up all of the greatest elements of sake production – rice, water and brewing techniques. Fruity, yet full-bodied and smooth, yet crisp, the sake is amazingly well harmonized. Its balanced flavor and aroma go great with simmered dishes, sautéed dishes with butter and even with French dishes like seafood meuniere. The other two are junmai and junmai daiginjo from the MIKAWABUSHI brand. Meaning samurai from Mikawa region, these MIKAWABUSHI sakes both also represent the taste of Okazaki. While the junmai is a slightly sweet, mild type that complements cheese and steak, the junmai daiginjo is dry yet elegant and very good with white fish sashimi. No matter which one you choose, MARUISHIJOZO’s sakes, with rich body, will be a wonderful accompaniment to your dining.


6-2-5 Nakamachi Okazaki Aichi, 444-0015 JAPAN
TEL: +81-564-23-3333  |


3 things you should know about MARUISHIJOZO CO., LTD.

324 Years of History
As one of the longest standing sake breweries, MARUISHIJOZO has produced sake for 324 years in the birthplace of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate.  Staying close to the local food culture, they brew sake that complements dishes with a full bodied and powerful flavor, the type favored by people of the region.  Naturally their sake has been loved by the locals, and this is the most important factor in its longevity.

Powerful Sake with Solid Aroma and Taste
MARUISHIJOZO is housed in the home of Haccho miso, a dark miso paste with substantial taste.  This flavor is the center of the region’s food culture and it naturally determines that of MARUISHIJOZO sake.  Powerful and solid, the brewery handcrafts sake with a distinctive taste and aroma and pulls out features of each category, such as junmai and ginjo.

Named After the Legendary Ieyasu Tokugawa: A local hero
Like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in the U.S., Ieyasu Tokugawa is the person who changed the direction of the country and established the nation’s foundation.  There is no Japanese who doesn’t know his name and achievements. MARUISHIJOZO’s daiginjo Tokugawa Ieyasu is proudly named after the legendary hero.